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Breath4LifeTM Breath Work Low Cost Clinic - Ash, Surrey

Duration: 2hrs

Venue: Ash, Surrey

Prerequisites: None

Cost: £95.00

Next Course: Wed, 20 Jun 2018 at 10:00am (non residential)

My name is Adina Hanganu-Newton. I am a Romanian and British national and have been living here since 2011.

I am currently studying to become a Breath4LifeTM Breath Work Practitioner with Acorn to Oak, International School of Energy Medicine. As part of my training to get clinical experience I will be running a few supervised Low-Cost Clinics in Breath4LifeTM Breath Work. The supervisor is Pennie Quaile-Pearce SRN RSCN MA MSC RMA LCH Cert Ed. CEO of Acorn to Oak. Pennie is the founder of Breath Work and has 22 year’s experience in guiding people to lead real, authentic lives.

Breath Work is life changing technology that takes you out of mind and space. It leads to being able to be more creative, experience happiness in daily life and being able to carry your joy wherever you are. The supervised Low-Cost Clinics that I will be running can help you achieve this and more. If you had enough of meeting other people’s agendas and wish to meet your own authentic needs instead, do not miss this exciting opportunity to experience a Breath4LifeTM Breath Work session for £95 which is less than half the usual price.

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The Inner Balance weekend was a profound and moving journey towards wholeness, balancing male and female energy in a wonderfully supportive, safe environment. I emerged from the experience feeling able to face a challenging personal situation with fresh insight and energy.

Beverley Glick, Human Potential Coach

What can I say about the Reiki 3 Pathway to Mastership, I would highly recommend it as a continuation of your Reiki journey, if you want to learn thoroughly Acorn to Oak is for you. I cannot express enough the quality of the teaching and how you are encouraged to develop and grow to be the very best you can be, its life changing and only for the better.

Nicky Dobson, Crystal Therapist
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