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Breath4LifeTM Breath Work Low Cost Clinic Woking November 24th/25th 2018


Venue: TBA

Prerequisites: None

Cost: TBA

Next Course: TBA

This is a way to experience Breath4LifeTM Breath Work at a great price. We train students every year and need to build up their experience. All sessions will be facilitated by one of the Student Practitioners supervised by Pennie Quaile-Pearce a Master Breath4LifeTM Breath Work Practitioner and joining them will be up to 2 further students. The students attend the sessions in order to further their understanding of the Breath Work process. All T & C apply. Appointments will be confirmed once payment is made.

What is Breath4Life™?

It is a system of breath work therapy which is simple, dynamic yet gentle and nurturing which was created by Pennie Quaile-Pearce in 1997.

Breath4Life™ Breath Work is an exciting, totally unique and complete self-healing package. It incorporates Breath Work Therapy, Life-skills, NLP techniques, Life-coaching, Spiritual Response Therapy, Creative Visualisations, and written and non-written process work. It is a life-transforming journey of self-discovery and awareness.

Breath4Life™ Breath Work sessions are structured, safe and progressive, with on-going support and processes that help people to re-discover their inner potential. They are tailor-made for each individual, and progress at the speed and pace which each person is comfortable with.

Take a few minutes to answer the following questions

  • Do you ever have a feeling of loneliness?
  • Do you find yourself being 'dragged back' by the past or constantly planning the future?
  • Do you experience problems in relationships over and over again?
  • Do you experience a lack of focus and commitment to tasks?
  • Do you find it difficult or challenging to express yourself emotionally?
  • Do you 'lose it' over small things
  • Do you ever feel rejected or unloved?
  • Do you experience a recurring pattern in your life?
  • Do you ever find yourself wondering 'Why is this happening to me again?'
  • Are your finances or abundance simply not working?
  • Or do you simply wish to explore having a happier, more passionate and fulfilled life

If you answer yes to any of the question, then Breath4Life™ Breath Work is a process that will help you make positive changes to your life.

How Breath Work Therapy work?

Breath Work is based on the theory that thought is creative. This creates our own beliefs and decisions about how life should be and how people will treat us. This is 'our reality'.

When upsetting or traumatic events happen to us, it is often not safe or too scary for us to allow ourselves to feel the emotion around it at the time. These events can change our breathing pattern and we can unconsciously start to hold or suppress our breath. In doing this we suppress our emotions and the memories of the events remain at a cellular level and we also store them in our subconscious mind (If you store them in your conscious mind you would have no room for daily living – in some extreme cases this does happen).

At the same time, we may make a limiting decision about life or ourselves, these are often unconscious. These decisions keep us safe to ensure the same event never happens again. Unfortunately, these decisions do not always create harmony in our lives and can hold us back from enjoying and creating the life we dream of.

For example, just consider these statements:

  • 'My relationships never work, or my partners are abusive or never stick around' (decision: MEN OR WOMEN HURT ME)
  • 'Money always seems to slip through my fingers' (decision: I DON'T DESERVE MONEY)
  • 'I'll never get the love that I desire' (decision: I'LL NEVER LOVE AGAIN)
  • 'I'm not in a job that serves me or makes me passionate, it's just a job' (decision: I CAN NEVER HAVE WHAT I WANT)

Over time these suppressions and decisions build up, creating layers of blockages a bit like the layers of an onion. We can hoard emotions, often without resolving them, until they resurface in physical or psychological ways. Every experience leaves a scar and unless released/transmute it, it may never heal. Some are consistently ignored until something triggers a major reaction e.g. mid-life crisis.

We may find ourselves living in the past and being haunted by painful memories and events, or constantly planning the future, unable to live in the here and now. Living in the moment is a huge gift and is practiced by those of us who are truly happy... that’s why it’s called the present! We may also find ourselves losing our temper or crying over something relatively small. A typical reaction is then to wonder 'What came over me?', not realising that we have tapped into a suppressed emotion.

How can Breath Work Therapy help?

Breath Work is a simple, connected breathing technique, which is gentle, safe and easy. It works on the principle that we are our own best healer. It helps clear physical, mental and emotional blocks and suppressions.

Breath Work can help drain these suppressions and bring life into balance so that you can live in the here and now, helping you to unlock and release emotions and experiences that may have been grounding you for years.

Breath Work can help you gain a new sense of freedom, well-being, clarity, spontaneity, creativity, peace and joy. It can deal with suppressed patterns of behaviour, emotions, trauma and upsetting events, no matter how big or small you perceive those events to be.

Breath Work helps you identify reoccurring patterns in your life and gives you ultimate choice to be able to change them. It will empower you and will give you a new sense of yourself and who you are, so that you can deal with life, its highs and lows, and the people around you in a brand-new way.

Benefits of Breath4Life™ Breath Work

Benefits you can see and feel

  • reduced anxiety
  • overcome panic, fears and emotional blocks
  • greater self-image and esteem
  • reduce high stress levels
  • more joy and happiness
  • deep relaxation
  • enhanced personal and professional relationships
  • greater ability to 'come from the heart'
  • release limiting beliefs
  • inner peace
  • allows insight into behaviours and feelings
  • freedom from recurring patterns and addictions
  • compassion
  • more clarity and focus
  • emotional intelligence
  • reaching peak performance
  • more creativity and self-expression
  • gain relief from depression and self-defeating behaviour
  • develop a greater spiritual awareness

These are just some of the benefits that, combined, will lead to having the choice to create a balanced, fulfilled, happy and extraordinary life!

What happens at a session?

All Breath4Life™ sessions are facilitated in a highly supportive and safe manner. The sessions are ultimately empowering as the individual is in charge of their own process and does not need to tell their story unless they choose to. The participant is always fully in control and can stop the process at any time should they wish to.

The process and breathing technique will be fully demonstrated and explained and you are invited to ask lots of questions and share any concerns.

The actual breathing process is conducted lying down on a mattress or yoga mat, It is best to wear loose fitting comfortable clothes and bring a bottle of water with you.


I like to think of myself as a fairly middle of the road person. I'm married in my 30's and have one daughter and have had a life full of very high and very low points. If truth be told I was a little sceptical and scared before I experienced my Breath4LifeTMBreath Work session. However, the opportunity arose so I took it. On the day of my session, Pennie talked me through what was going to happen and how I would feel and one of the best things about Breath4LifeTMBreath Work is that all the thoughts and emotions I felt during my session would remain private as this isn't a talking Therapy but taking action. The healing is all done by me and my breath! My session was wonderful. It lasted 2 hours and I was guided through every breath. I experienced the healing energy that I had read about, and the 2 hours was truly a life changing experience for me. After my session, I can quite honestly say that the things that used to bother me before really don't anymore. All the memories good and bad are still part of me, but I don't have the same emotional baggage attached to them and better still, I don't have to drag that baggage with me through life. If you are even a little bit interested in Breath4LifeTMBreath Work, please give it a go, it really is life changing and enlightening.

Gemma Madden, Administration Assistant
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