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“How to Unconditionally Love Yourself and Others on all levels - a 12 week - 2 hr session via Zoom

Duration: 12 weeks

Venue: TBA

Prerequisites: None

Cost: TBA

Next Course: TBA

  • To put your past to rest – so that you’re liberated to create a miracle in your love life;
  • Awaken to the truth of your value and worthiness to love and be loved – and transform how you show up in all of your relationships;
  • See your disappointing patterns in love have been happening through you rather than just to you – and awaken your power to create an unpredictable and unprecedented future of happiness in love;
  • See clearly the inconsistencies, incompletions and invisible barriers that have been sabotaging your love life for years – and learn how to dissolve these obstacles once and for all;
  • Discover the secrets to becoming magnetic to all things beautiful, good and true – that you can apply to all areas of your life;
  • Become a magnet to the kind of soulful love you deeply desire.
  • Unleash your power to realize your higher potentials in life and in love.

If you would like to be ready to bring in unconditional Love you must be willing to grow yourself beyond the person that you are today. The person you are now is the person who has created the experiences that you already had. “Our best thinking got us here” Your task now is to grow yourself healthier and stronger in order to create a space for a remarkable love to enter your life.

Before we start there are 5 important premises for this coaching package

  • Life is a creative process and our thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, choices, actions and words are the tools that we use to invent our experiences and our circumstances.
  • We have the ability to create circumstances and opportunities in our lives by setting clear intentions and by committing to living in alignment with these intentions.
  • When you alter your relationship with yourself, your external world will alter accordingly.
  • The future is not there waiting for us. We create it by the power of our own imagination.
  • You just have to be yourself. That’s my basic message here. The moment you accept yourself as you are, all mountainous burdens simply disappear. Then life is a sheer joy, a festival of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Session One - Preparation for Love

Too often, we believe our private agonies are ours alone to bear, forgetting that we are part of a vast collective where the majority of our concerns are shared in one form or another by many other people. so we expand our capacity to love and be loved

Session Two - Unhooking the past

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself that you have built against it. Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and get down to the nitty gritty work of creating love in our lives, as we begin a two-week process of identifying and releasing all that is in it way.For the next week we will challenge ourselves to undergo the necessary losses of those things that hold us back from developing unconditional love in our lives. We will explore the ingredients of true forgiveness to complete and release the past.

Session Three - Healing Core Wounds

People want you to be happy. Don’t keep serving them your pain – Rumi - The inner work we embark on this week is work that truthfully, we could spend months if not years doing. It’s important to remember that the purpose of healing work is not so much to do it perfectly, but to restore the power of choice to our lives.

Session Four – Getting back to self

Transform does not mean to fix or make go away whatever trauma and scars you may be carrying from childhood; instead you transmute the energy which it stuck, by raising its vibration and thereby releasing it, you can bring it back into self as a resource which then can be used to manifest your dreams.Transforming an identity - We assume that just because we think something, or because someone such as a parent, an older sibling or a teacher said something that it must be true. We don’t even question the toxic thought. We just try to compensate for it and/or try to hide it from others, so they will like us. Life becomes about proving that we are not that – the doctor who is motivated to keep earning more degrees only because, when she was little she had an older brother who teased her, telling her over and over that she was stupid: or the beautiful woman who spends inordinate amounts of time and money enhancing her physical appearance because she was a “plain jane” all through school and overlooked by all the boys. These people who are trying to compensate for something that they believe is wrong with them. Perhaps, though all that is “wrong” was the original assumption.

Session Five – Setting your course

We are now at a place where we can begin creating the real possibility of “Real Love” fulfilled. So, this week we begin by grounding ourselves in a vision of real love abundantly realised. We the create a strong and powerful intention to manifest love in our lives.

  • Visioning
  • Setting an Intention
  • Clarifying Your soul purpose
  • Receiving Inner Guidance

Session Six - First things first

  • Establishing Personal Integrity
  • The Practice of Prayer and Meditation
  • Making wise choices. Making NED'S New Empowering Decisions
  • Making commitments

Session Seven - Savour the waiting

  • The Art of receiving
  • The importance of Grace

Session Eight - Falling in Love with yourself

  • Developing Emotional Literal literacy
  • Cultivating Solitude
  • Generosity
  • Making the choice to be happy

Session Nine – Unconditional Love actually

Listening with an open heart

Session Ten – Communication is King

  • Having differcult conversations
  • Overthrowing the bogey man
  • Being the cause

Session Eleven – Are you ready for BIG UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

  • Let love live your life
  • From me to we
  • The challenge of forgiveness
  • On giving thanks

Session Twelve – Happy ever after

  • Bringing in the One
  • On being a Yes to love
  • Holding the high watch

Normal this course is £1200 However for a limited time it has been discounted to £600. The space are limited so first come first served. This will change your life.


This was an eye opening and amazing 12 week gift to myself, I learnt so much and uncovered how I had been limiting myself and sabotaging all of my past relationship, which of course started with me. Pennie is the most incredible coach and through this work, and her guidance I have met and married a soul mate, within 12 months! I am so thankful, delighted and blissful. Thank-you Thank-you, Thank-you in great gratitude and love.

Danielle Davis, Nurse
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