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Ancestral Healing


Venue: TBA

Prerequisites: None

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Dealing with Invisible Loyalties

Have you ever felt like you are not exactly “at your place” in your family and in the world?

In our quest for living a fulfilled life, we have discovered a set of simple and powerful techniques that free us from our subconscious chains to the past, allowing us to live more in the present.

The Power of Forgiveness

Is a 5 hour workshop to free yourself from family, past and subconscious chains so you can reconnect with who you are and take your place.


During the workshop, you will experience:

  • shared generosity
  • collaborative healing work
  • journeys into your genealogical tree

This work is based on the principle of the inter-connectedness of all things so that each person within a family, going back generation upon generation, has an equal place belonging within that family. The purpose of working with your ancestors and family lineage is to allow you to take your place and to “remember” who you are within your soul.”

At the end of the day, you will:

  • feel the profound joy of being alive
  • feel grateful for your life and yourself
  • have a deep sense of liberation, having freed yourself from subconscious chains that had you believe that there are things you should be doing
  • Take your place in your life, your family and the society.
  • Reprogram at a cellular level your ability to express your unconditional love for yourself and people around you


  • find emotional closure with past relationships
  • open yourself to a new relationship
  • Grieve loss (family members, abortion, etc.)
    reconnect to the support of your parents and family
  • let go of any non-supportive roles you’ve been playing in your life (victim, prosecutor, saviour,)
  • take ownership of your soul purpose
  • unleash fertility
  • heal wounds linked to exile


You will feel empowered and free to be who you are, live the life you love and attract what you want with gratitude.


You know, Pennie, I had a sneaking feeling you were just reading me like a book, that everything you said was directed at me and me alone…how egotistical is that! I looked around the room while you were talking and everyone was so enthralled in what you were saying I never been to anything like this before and I’m certainly hooked now so I’ll be seeing you again soon. A big Thank-you

Richard Green , IFA
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