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Breath4Life™ Breath Work Level 3: Group Facilitation Course

Duration: 25 days

Venue: West Byfleet KT14 6EW


Cost: £14,975.00

Next Course: Fri, 25 Feb 2022 (non residential)

Why choose this workshop?

This training will enable a practitioner to be competent at facilitating a group Breath4Life™ Breath Work session in a safe and professional manner. The skills needed for group Breath4Life™ Breath Work are very different from those needed as a one-to-one Breath4Life™ Breath Work Practitioner

The course consists of 30 days of training, 25 hrs of 1:1 mentorship, including the theory Breath4Life™ Breath Work. All documentation and workbook are provided and practical experience.

Course starts with a Weekend training from the evening of 8th Feb 2019 at 6pm in New Milton to Sunday at 2.30pm. Non residential.

Course completion with a Weekend training from evening of 6th December 2019 at 6pm in New Milton to Sunday at 2.30pm. Non residential.

You will gain supervised experience with groups during the year by observing and participation on the Breath4Life™ Breath Work Foundation Course (Including help and support to setting up and running your own Foundation Course with your own students).-10 - 12 days

You will also be part of the facilitation team for:

“Becoming Alive” Residential Weekend. (March 2019). - 3 days

The 7 day “Mining the Gold from Within” Residential Retreat. (May 2019) - 8 days

The 4 day “Break for Freedom” Residential Retreat. (Nov 2019) - 5 days

Certification is awarded when the workbooks, project, reflective journals and all documentation are successfully completed.

During the year you will be asked to complete a "outreach project" taking Breath4Life™ Breath Work to an area (set of people) who would hugely benefit from doing this work. You would organise for them to do 3 group Breath4Life™ Breath Work sessions with a introductory talk and follow up for each participant under the supervision of Pennie Quaile-Pearce or Jill Pay. - 3 days

Although this training will have group sessions and elements that are for the whole group it is designed to be bespoke for each individual who undergoes this training. Strengths will be noted and enhanced, any weaknesses will be made into strengths to enable you to launch your teaching practice with ease and grace.

Who is this workshop for?

This Training is perfect for Breath4LifeTM Practitioners

During the course you will experience

A personal growth and development that you have not experienced before as Pennie shares her inner genius of energy and energy management. How to gently hold the energy of chaos and high vibrational healing in a way that serves all participants whether there are 2 or 500 plus people present. Practical tips on becoming omnipresent and holding the space whether or not you are in the room. How to anchor and stablise a group energy. How to use hyper-alert as a friend and to your teaching advantage.

When to exclude. When to encourage and when to sit back and wait.

Working with groups can be draining as well as exhilarating, fun and inspiring. so we all need quick and lasting procedures to put into place that will help you deal with projections of "hate, anger, you've got to be kidding, what makes you so smart? etc..." and "You are an angel. You've saved my life. What would I do if I had not met you?. Please never leave etc..."

It is during the 25 hours of formal mentorship that the training becomes bespoke to you and your needs. The mentors for this course are Pennie Quaile-Pearce, Jill Pay and Luke Pearce. You can apply via Acorn to Oak to have some sessions with all of them or take direction from Pennie as she assess your authentic needs.

Some of the contents includes

  • Archetypes with reference to participants
  • Breath4Life™ Breath Work Teachers Code of Ethics
  • Responsibilities of Breath4Life Breath Work Teacher
  • The Teaching Team - post-graduate teaching experience
  • The need and provision of Continuing Professional Development
  • Peer supervision
  • Networking

This training includes all residential fees, meals, teas and coffee while on residential training courses, however if the courses are non residential. Please bring your lunch and snacks. Remember to bring reflection sheets, participate sign in sheet and feedback forms to each session.

There is also a chance to attend:

Shaman's Tools - Making a Pusanga

Shamanic Breath Weekend

Inner Balance Weekend

If you need to obtain a teacher's certification here is a link to this training


This was one of the most exciting and mind blowing experiences of my life so far. The awesome way the facilitating team work. The flow of one amazing experience after another. The selflessness of it all was a great example of how a true team work together to produce excellence. Going into the center of the stones at Stonehenge was a life long dream come true. So all in all it was fantastic.

Debbie Hughes, Herbal Therapist

Interested in learning more about Reiki so had a Reiki Taster Session at the Wellness Show at G Live in Guildford may 2015. I would highly recommend it to all, it's got me even more interested now. Thank - you Acorn to Oak

Lesley Backhurst, Carer
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