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About Acorn to Oak

Our Vision

Our vision is that you experience a supportive world where all are empowered to express their unique divinity within

Our Culture

We are a fun, vibrant, heart-centred community for all.

We encourage all to find their unique self and authentic way of being.

We bring the highest level of integrity, spiritual values and recognition of universal laws into our daily lives.

We serve each other to discover our divine interconnectedness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the divine by providing courses, events and training that come from the highest level of integrity, which lead to personal and spiritual growth, development and remembrance.

To provide training for all who are ready, willing and committed to change at a fundamental level.

To provide fun, heart centred and inspiring environments in which all are encouraged to explore their authentic selves.

To provide opportunities for you to walk your walk in fellowship with like-minded people.

Our roots

Acorn to Oak was founded more than 18 years ago. It continues to develop in collaboration with experts including health professionals, therapists, educational advisers, spiritual teachers and others from the human potential movement.

At Acorn to Oak we live the symbology of growing ourselves and others from "little acorns" into "Mighty Oak Trees" with our branches spread out across the world helping others achieve that same growth.

We also have a very shamanic outlook and believe in the strength and wisdom of the buffalo. The buffalo is the only animal on the plains that doesn’t run from a storm, while all the others do. The buffalo herd turns to face it, gathering all the young and elderly together at the center, the strongest and wisest form a rim around them, to protect and shelter them, as its leaders turn into the storm and lead them safely through. The buffalo innately know that the quickest way to safety is to face the storm head on and move through it together. We at Acorn to Oak feel very passionate about walking the walk of the buffalo together and invite You to join the herd/tribe.

We understand that company is stronger than will power and invite you to surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself.

Pennie is one of those unique people who sees your beauty- loves you unconditionally and encourages your greatness.

The perfect day is Going to bed with a Dream and Waking up with a Purpose.

– So, Wake up to Your Purpose today... don't wait for the perfect day… it's here already!

We understand that many people don’t realise that when they don’t feel their emotions fully they suppress the toxins into their subconscious mind for storage… Literally out of sight, out of mind, when we no longer feel them, we think we have dealt with them. Unfortunately, this is not the whole truth of the situation, we have just put them in storage.

Over the years these toxins metaphorically create a swamp of stagnating rubbish, clutter or stuck energy… rusting shopping trolleys, old boots and even crocodiles etc. all accumulate here in our subconscious minds. The uninitiated and naïve think it’s possible to pour a layer of concrete onto the swamp to cover it up by using “talk therapies”, “positive thinking” or “mindfulness” these may well help initially, however as any good builder will tell you, the concrete may well hold for a while, but over time will crack and the slime from the swamp will start to ooze out. Sometimes the ooze will be slow and insidious, and we don’t notice it, although the changes that happen are slowly killing us. However, all too frequently the concrete cracks open like a burst water main taking the person, their family, friends and colleagues by surprise. When people don’t know what to do in these circumstances they end up in the hands of Mental Health Teams, turning to drugs or alcohol, taking their own lives, not realising there is another way.

The safe way to prevent this is to get into the swamp, kill the crocs, clear out the accumulated clutter and rubbish, drain the swamp, dig down a bit before laying down a solid concrete foundation, from that foundation you can then build a palace to house your dreams, aspirations and your unquinie genius. This is what Acorn to Oak was created for, to help others make significant, lasting and wondrous changes in their daily lives. One of Pennie’s favourite sayings is “If you don’t take the time to go within you will go without”

In 2012 under the Acorn to Oak umbrella ‘The International School of Energy Medicine’ which was launched by Pennie Quaile-Pearce. As CEO, she continues to use her considerable skill, genius and expertise in the field of energy medicine, spiritual awareness and self-evolution to evolve the organisation. In 2018 we made the decision to “GO GLOBAL” by becoming one of the original content providers at The Personal Development App. (PDA app) and will be launching our own app PDQ.

In 2019 Pennie made the decision to work with just 3 new projects this year, as well as supporting Acorn to Oak as a whole and encouraging Team Buffalo.

  • To gain more visibility for Acorn to Oak and its mission
  • To teach and tighten up on business practices
  • To do a TEDx talk

Wow 2020 kicked off with Pennie going through Major Heart surgery and the Acorn to Oak team helping and supporting her in her recovery when Crona Pandemic hit us all wow what a ride. In lock-down with social distancing we have no idea how it will work out yet. Looking to get all the courses and training on line so watch this space.


What an amazing training! This has literally made my life - the insights, guidance and unconditional acceptance and love are so palpable. The care and attention taken for each individual is amazing and awe inspiring, I just didn't believe anyone would really take the time to walk with me through the craziness of my life, but then I met Pennie. She has encouraged me, inspired me, walked with me step for step through my darkness until I've reached the light and beyond. If you are looking for a training to turn your life around this is it. If you are looking for that "Go To" person then it's Pennie... Trust me she has your back!

Holly Bellsing, Counsellor

I've been in many different situation and had a lot of different and amazing experiences in my life so I have a good frame of reference, but what I experienced today was off the charts. The love, joy and happiness I felt was amazing, but what took me by surprise was how safe I felt and the totally acceptance which led to inner peace and contentment. Thank you.

Judy Price, Entertainer
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