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Show Up and Share

Duration: 1.5hrs

Venue: TBA

Prerequisites: None

Cost: £15.00

Next Course: TBA

Show Up and Share sessions are to inspire, nurture and manifest in our daily lives so that we can pitch and choose ideas, projects and network with a community of vast and diverse life experience to help us gain clarity, momentum and feedback which will help each individual move forward in their lives. A think tank of creativity and Joyful sharing that nurtures the soul and inspires our daily lives.

Sessions are held Thursdays from 8pm GMT to approx 9.30pm GMT.

These sessions are approximately 1.5 hrs in length. Please dial in 5 minutes before. there is a waiting room enabled in Zoom and we will invite you in when ready to proceed.

Price is £15 per session or £75 for 6 sessions

Please make sure you have some tissues, and some water handy to drink.

Comments made by people after a session

Amazing to connect with like minded people who are dedicated to making a difference in the world.

Inspirational and truly lighted my spirits

Pennie is always a great leader with so much life experience and joy.

A feeling of coming home again...


Enjoying a day off after self realisation - another great weekend training with the team. The weekend joined so many dots for me from what we learn in reiki one and two with lots of content and information. The healing and clearing was quite incredible, fast and effective. Day 2 was more hands on learning more tools added to the belt. For me it's the first weekend where I feel I'm stepping from reiki two/practitioner towards reiki master, can't wait for the next weekend and the next step

Adam Weller, Manchanic

Had a great experience at "Becoming Alive" Retreat at Guants House. It's a homely atmosphere in a wonderful setting. Breath4LifeTM is an amazing tool for self-healing and gaining clarity. The other tool I really enjoyed and gained a lot from was clearing heart clutter. Pennie is an excellent facilitator and I gained everything I wanted and more, however the time went too quickly I would certainly recommend this course to all.

Paul Fischer, IT
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