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Pennie is offering a free 30 minute chat to help you explore your options and what best next step will serve you here right now.To be accepted for this offer you will need to tell me why I should give you my time. To book a time to talk with me

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Interested in learning more about Reiki so had a Reiki Taster Session at the Wellness Show at G Live in Guildford may 2015. I would highly recommend it to all, it's got me even more interested now. Thank - you Acorn to Oak

Lesley Backhurst, Carer

Pennie is a great coach we have worked together over the last year and with her help and guidance I have managed to turn my life around. She is empathetic to your needs, but no nonsense and helps you focus on what you want to achieve in the real world. She has been an amazing addition in my life and worth every penny.

Sally Burton , Childminder
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