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What can I say about Pennie... Awesome :) She is laser focused on what you wish to create in your life, is an amazing listener and really hears what you say. She has a great ability to drill down to the core issue and help you gain awareness in how you are sabotaging yourself and then guides you to commit to a plan of actionable steps that works for you to bring about the results you desire. I'm still learning to take myself lightly, but getting there with your help and support. Really recommend your services to anyone who would like to change their life in someway.

Julie Ashton , Company Director

Wow Pennie, that was not what I expected at all!! I had hoped that this maybe a useful day's training... but to have had an experience that I know will change my life is... outstanding. I am in awe of what you do. Please continue doing it and get it out there to as many as possible!! We need it and we need you to help us. Thank-you

Taylor Miess, Banker
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