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April 2017

  • Living Beyond Fear - The 4 Rs

    Posted on Fri, 21 April 2017

    False Evidence Appearing Real

    The 4 Rs - Resistance, Resentment, Rejection and Repression & Suppression. Boy, these guys can get you into trouble if you don’t know what you’re dealing with.

    They are the warning signs in every relationship that signal when the emotional connection is weakening and you are proceeding rapidly towards the loss of love in that relationship. The four R’s are the inevitable consequences of not telling the complete truth.

    If you want to avoid the loss of love and feeling in a relationship (whether that be a 1:1 partner or friend) and if you would like to keep passion alive, be on the lookout for the four R’s. When you notice any one of the four R’s it’s time to start telling the complete truth about how you are feeling.

    The reasons you repress and suppress your feelings

    Any feeling that threatens your ability to love or be loved is a sure target for...Read More

  • Retrieving the Soul

    Posted on Fri, 14 April 2017

    It has always been the role of the shaman/guide to go into an altered state of consciousness and track down where the soul fled to in the alternate realities and return it to the body of the person who is being treated.

    There are many common symptoms of soul loss. Some of the more common ones would be dissociation where a person does not feel fully in his or her body and alive and fully engaged in life. Other symptoms include chronic depression, suicidal tendencies, post-traumatic stress syndrome, immune deficiency problems, and grief that just does not heal. Addictions are also a sign of soul loss as we seek external sources to fill up the empty spaces inside of us whether through substances, food, relationships, work, or buying material objects.

    Anytime someone says "I have never been the same since" a certain event and they don’t mean this in a good way, a soul loss has probably occurred.

    You can...Read More

  • Living Beyond Fear - Telling the Absolute Complete Truth

    Posted on Fri, 7 April 2017

    Everything you would like to experience in life is just beyond F.E.A.R.

    False Evidence Appearing Real.

    Telling the Absolute Complete Truth.

    So TACT is a tool with which we remind ourselves about levels of truth and how we use them.

    Using TACT in your life does not give you permission to be hurtful, disrespectful or rude, however it encourages you to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth when stating your needs, telling your story, dealing with situations or expressing your feelings.

    What happens when you don’t tell the truth?

    Not telling the truth in a relationship (any relationship) is like not watering a plant - you end up killing something that once was alive and growing. The inevitable result of holding back the truth from someone you care for is that you end up holding back the love as well.

    After some time in a...Read More

March 2017

  • Living Beyond Fear

    Posted on Fri, 31 March 2017

    Everything you would like to experience in life is just beyond F.E.A.R.

    False Evidence Appearing Real

    It is amazing the stories we get caught up in when faced with challenges, obstacles or problems that life shows us on a daily basis…the chatter starts:

    • “this is not supposed to be this way” or
    • “this shouldn’t be happening”
    • “Why me?”
    • “If I was just good enough”
    • “This is too difficult/hard”
    • “I must work hard/longer/smarter”
    • “If only this would happen”
    • “If I could just…”

    These stories lead us to building a picture of our life that’s not accurate. We spend a lot of our time, not to mention huge amounts of energy and effort to build elaborate pictures in our minds. We decide how things should look or we gather evidence from past experiences and then say “I knew that would happen…”, “This is how it’s always been…” when in reality its only happened once or twice.

    So how can we deal with this FEAR and stop it from...Read More

  • Caring for the soul takes work and commitment to self. By Pennie Quaile Pearce

    Posted on Fri, 24 March 2017

    In today’s psychologies and therapies there is often an unspoken, but clear salvational tone. If you could only learn to be assertive, loving, angry, expressive, contemplative, or thin, they imply, your troubles would be over. In the Middle ages and Renaissance ‘self-help books were cherished and revered, but were never a cure all and didn’t promise the sky. They gave recipes for good living and offered suggestions for the practical, down to earth philosophy of life… I must say I am interested in this humbler approach, one that is more accepting of human foibles.

    Jung, one of our most recent doctors of the soul, said that every psychological problem is ultimately a matter of spirit. A spiritual life of some kind is absolutely necessary for psychological ‘health’; at the same time,...Read More


One word to sum up the reiki one weekend- AMAZING! absolutely loved it, feel like a changed person and know that i will defo be going on to do the reiki 2 : ) I've started on the right path, finally and am loving it! : ) would defo recommend it to anyone who hasnt 'found themselves yet' or even to people who think they have, defo a course everyone would benefit from : )

Lorraine Bonner, Carer

I can't begin to Thank-you enough for a phenomenal Reiki One Weekend- seriously off the charts stuff! It felt as if I was able to begin to peel back the layers in such a safe and loving place. It's impossible to sum up the weekend in words except to say it was profound. So thank-you for facilitating this experience and helping me go forward with a new found sense of freedom

Miranda Ash, Trainer
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