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March 2021

  • Homeopathy - Law of Similar’s Discovered

    Posted on Mon, 22 March 2021

    Homeopathy was born at a time when the practice of medicine was unregulated and dangerous. Those who had the misfortune to fall ill ran the risk of being dosed with toxic mixtures of lead, mercury and arsenic or being plastered with leeches. Blood-letting, purging and blistering were standard practices. For many, the cure was worse than the complaint, and they died from the treatments they received rather than the disease itself.

    It was in this milieu that Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), the founder of homeopathy, began his study of medicine. After graduating from the University of Erlangen in 1781 he established a practice as a doctor. His writings from this period show that he became increasingly disillusioned by the medical practices of the day. Concerned about harming those who came to him for help and unable to relieve the suffering of his own sick children,...Read More

  • Homeopathy - Remedies for Disasters (Part 1)

    Posted on Mon, 22 March 2021

    Floods, wars, famines, accidents, earthquakes.

    Hardly a day goes by without a disaster making headlines somewhere – they are an inescapable part of life and whether natural or man-made have always been with us.

    We’re often transfixed by the media reports of chaos visited on others but for those caught up in the disaster it may mean injuries and sickness, destruction of property, loss of loved ones, starvation, and displacement. Long after the physical wounds have healed, emotional trauma remains.

    Homoeopathy is front-line medicine at its best. It has much to offer the victims of disaster and those who rush to their aid. It is inexpensive, easily distributed, able to be safely used before other medical help arrives, and can then used beside it without interactive effects.

    Over the next three articles we will look at the remedies traditionally used in...Read More

  • Homeopathy - Remedies for Disasters (Part 3)

    Posted on Mon, 22 March 2021

    Post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) may not be as obvious as piles of rubble or burnt houses, but survivors of disaster and emergency situations can struggle to come to terms with the emotional turmoil for years.

    To conclude our series on First Response Homeopathy we’ll look at some of the remedies that bring emotional healing for the psychological trauma inflicted by disasters.

    What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

    PTSD is an anxiety disorder caused by either seeing, or being involved in, an emotionally traumatic event. PSTD may occur immediately after the event or many months later.

    Sufferers of PSDT often relive the event by going over and over it in their mind or through unwanted flashbacks and dreams. They may become emotionally numb, lose interest in daily activities and have a sense of hopelessness or extreme anxiety about the future....Read More

  • Homoepathy – Potentisation

    Posted on Mon, 22 March 2021

    Today, homeopathic medicines are safe for all to use. They are dispensed as highly dilute, sub-molecular remedies that are free of the chemical side effects associated with other medicines. However, this was not always so. Homeopathic remedies were once prescribed in crude chemical doses just like other medicines and were just as prone to producing side effects in those who took them. With the discovery of potentisation, however, all that changed.

    Potentisation Discovered

    For many years Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy, could only exploit the healing effect of the Law of Similars with crude substances. While his homeopathic approach was successful compared to other treatments of the day, his new system of medicine was still troubled with the problem of side effects.For example, mercury preparations had been recognised for centuries as a successful treatment for syphilis. Unfortunately,...Read More

  • Homeopathy– Provings

    Posted on Mon, 22 March 2021

    Tutorial 6 - Provings 1“Proving” is the homeopathic term for the testing of a substance on healthy human volunteers to find what symptoms it produces (and therefore treats).


    Homeopathic remedies are drawn from an extensive range of substances. Before use, each substance is tested on the healthy in clinical trials. This reveals the symptoms it will potentially treat in the unwell when prescribed according to the Law of Similars.1

    These trials involve safe amounts of the substance being given to healthy human volunteers (provers) for the purpose of producing symptoms. The term “proving” comes from the German word prufung, which means to “test” or “examine”. Symptoms produced during a proving are then recorded in a homeopathic materia medica (a record of substances and the symptoms they produce) to help homeopaths locate and prescribe that substance for future use. Homeopaths know that if the substance was able to...Read More


I don't think I have the words to put together to describe what I have just experienced... bloody hell I wasn't expecting that!! doesn't even come close!! What a difference a day makes, what a difference a breathwork session makes!! It brings you back to a true sense of self and unclouds your vision... the sky seems bluer, the grass greener and there is a new sense of clarity and focus... if only I had known about this sooner... this stuff should be taught to us in school...what a difference that would make. Pennie thanks again for bringing this to my attention and thanks for making a difference

Ed Tilly, Company Director, Surrey

I received a Reiki Treatment from Emma at the Caterham Mind, Body and Soul Show on Sunday 28th September 2014. I wanted some relaxation which was definately acheived. Iwas a wonderful session and I would recommend it to everyone.

Ann Sinclair, Meduim
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