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Reiki Master Day - Via Zoom

Duration: 3.5 Hrs

Venue: TBA


Cost: £45.00

Next Course: TBA

At Acorn to Oak as I know you are aware, we take the greatest of care to encourage and allow each student to raise their own vibration at their own pace. This ensures that when attuned to the Reiki Master energy, each person integrates the energy joyously, safely and with ease.

Imagine if you will, a 3-watt light bulb suddenly receiving 200 watts of electricity. The light bulb would blow due to the increased amount of energy. With this in mind, the Reiki Three Pathway ensures that our students are ready and able to safely receive the increased energy flows within their own energy fields.

This Reiki Master add on day is about successfully and safely attuning students to Reiki One and Reiki Two via zoom. I have done this now several times with amazing feedback and awesome results. It’s all about structure and energy. It’s a great opportunity to deal with your fears/doubts and expectation that it’s not possible to give students what they would receive face to face.

Join Pennie via zoom to gain these incredible insights, knowledge and experiences to unlock the confidence and know how to add to your practice and revenue stream.

Cost is £45.


I really enjoyed my Reiki One experience, it was more subtle than I expected. Reiki Attunements were mind blowing.

Gemma Pugh, Financial Researcher

This was the most amazing course... in fact the best one I think I have ever been part of. Pennie leaves nothing to chance and is probably the most inspiring teacher I have met. Her attention to detail is outstanding, her empathy and encouragement makes you feel you can achieve anything...what you thought was the impossible she makes you know is easy and then supports you to achieve it in your own life. I have been coaching others for 20 years, but Pennie is on a totally different level. If you get the chance to work with her, take it, you will love it and love her skill, expertise, generosity of spirit and sense of humour and fun. Thanks for your time and I celebrate the fact I now have you in my life.

Hilda Ray, Life Coach
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