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Fast Track Foundation Course October 2021 via ZOOM

Duration: 10 Days

Venue: The Sharpham Trust, Sharpham House, Ashprington, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 7UT

Prerequisites: None

Cost: £5,500.00

Next Course: Fri, 8 Oct 2021 to Mon, 18 Oct (non residential)

So we had every intention of running this training course face to face, however that depended on where we find ourselves with the UK government guidelines on social distancing. So at present we have made the decision to run this training by Zoom. We have a team of facilitators that are dedicated to provide a very high standard and awesome experience so you will gain the full training over 12 days of exciting interaction and experiences on a very personal level.

This Training is perfect for

People who are new to, but interested in self-development and a proven way in which to evolve into the best version of self.
People who are interested and committed to break through the sabotaging behaviour holding them hostage
People who dare to dream bigger, be bolder than ever before, playing a bigger game, one that aligns with their heart and their calling, in pursuit of leaving the world better than when they entered it.

This Training is not good for
People who don’t really want to change or gain more clarity.
People who are don’t really believe that thoughts create things
People who want a quick fix that takes no personal effort

Class runs between 9.30am & 4.30pm. Lunch for 0ne Hour at 12.30hrs to 1.30pm GMT

What We set up with you Prior to Training

  1. 10, 1:1 sessions during a 10 month period via Zoom or Skype.
  2. 10, 30 minute clarity calls

These sessions are designed to be a 1:1 session then 2 weeks later a clarity call to be repeated every month for 10 months. These sessions most be scheduled prior to the start of the training. If you need to change a date and time this can be done if your mentor agrees, however only twice in the 10 month period and none attendance to these sessions will put your Certificate of Attendance in jeopardy. You need 80% attendance to complete the course

What you will receive by email

  1. Reflective Journal
  2. Handouts

What you will receive post course by post

Certificate of attendance

We will provide each day;


Of interaction within a classroom environment to cover content covering the following over the 12 days;-

  • Emotional Intelligence, how we process emotions in health, how we suppress emotions in daily life and how to reverse this process.
  • Context versus content, How we make up stories to make sense of what is going on around us and what they mean.
  • Understand and be able to apply TACT (Telling the absolute complete truth) and TAR (Taking absolute responsibility) and see how these techniques will change our way of being and whole life experience.
  • The Iceberg effect.
  • Understand the benefits of 'mining the gold within' so we can create the life we desire to experience.
  • Understand the four main archetypes that influence everyone's lives and how to work with them so that they support us rather than causing chaos in our lives.
  • Understand how to identify recurring patterns and how to unravel them safely.
  • Understand the 4 'R's and what the can indicate.
  • Gain insights into why we go into reaction and what to do about it.
  • Recognise the Circle of Self-defeat, sabotaging behaviour and then experience the Cycle of Freedom.
  • Understand the See Saw effect and the effects it has on our relationships.
  • The power and vibration of the words that we use and how they create our experiences in life.


  • Group Breath4Life™ Breath Work Session
  • Time to share,
  • Mentorship
  • Guidance and Advice

What you will need to bring/have ready

This training is delivered on-line via Zoom. Please make sure you have your lunch and a blanket/duvet a couple of pillows/cushions prepared so you are not distracted during the day and you have everything ready for use.

We will break at approximately 12.30 for lunch, I highly suggest you don't over eat at this time because you will be breathing in the afternoon. However you may want to have a snack ready to have with a hot drink once the Breath Work session is completed (Chocolate biscuits are my choice every-time lol!!!)

Payment Plans

Are available

Pay in full by BACs or Credit Card (Most cost efficient)

Pay in 3 installments by direct debit £1600 x 3, Deposit, at 30 days and 60 days

Pay in 10 installments £550 monthly

Contact Gemma directly at

If you are drawn to do this training, but feel you would like to chat it over with Pennie to make sure it's you next best step please follow the link to book a time to chat to Pennie

I really looking forward to meeting you, helping you and supporting you achieve your dreams and live the life you were born to live.

In Divine Friendship



Because of this work, I've got my life back

Susan Leggs , Nurse

This should be taught to all children so they understand - who they are - what they are here for and how to do life successfully. Boy what a difference that would make.

Maria Stones, Teacher
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