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Fast Track Foundation Course June 2020

Duration: 12 Days

Venue: Woking, Surrey

Prerequisites: None

Cost: £5,500.00

Next Course: Sat, 19 Sep 2020 (non residential)

An extra-ordinary opportunity for Practitioners, Coaches, Therapists, Health Care Professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Counsellors or stressed out professionals and entrepreneurs

We only have room for 60 candidates for this life changing, practice enhancing, business busting, world expanding opportunity to play a larger more profound game, that inspires and motivates you and your clients to change their lives on a daily basis. Ultimately it makes you a thought leader, a force for change in the world and society today enabling you to make New Empowering Decisions and guiding others to do the same.

There are only 2 states of being.

  • Being Connected – which is being connected to your authentic self or higher self. Emotionally feeling “Glad”. Feeling happy, joyous, everything is going well, all relationships in harmony and balance. Financial abundance where money flows to you with ease. In alignment with spiritual vision for self. Creative, energized and making heart felt decisions with ease. There is no resistance to change and growth and your able to see the big picture.
  • Being Disconnected - which is being disconnected to your authentic self. It’s a suffering State. The Ego Self. Emotionally feeling “Mad”, “Sad”, “Scared”. Feeling sick and tired or OK – Overwhelmed and Knackered. Feeling “FINE” – fucked up, insecure, narcotic and emotional. Confused, Stressed, too much going on…and just not enough time to get everything done. Hanging on by your fingertips. Maybe asking yourself “Why is this happening to me again?”. Feeling emotional or physical pain. No flow in life.

There are 3 levels of consciousness

  • The conscious mind. Which comprises of 10% of our mind’s capacity. Is our waking consciousness. Runs the 5 senses and gains data from them. It houses our personality, our ego and how we inter-react with the outside world. It also holds our fight or flight response and is designed to survive.
  • The Subconscious Mind. Which comprises of 40% of our mind’s capacity. I like to think of it as a huge warehouse and it’s divided into 2 sections of 20%. One is for skills we have learnt (For example driving, work related skills, which are only brought out when we are doing them) The other 20% is where we store emotions, an emotion is simply 'energy in motion' ranging from the subtle to the intense; from apathetic to enraged, or simply from being content to absolute bliss. The on-going problem here is when we are not aware of them we suppress them into the subconscious minds. We can suppress just as much love, joy and happiness as trauma, suffering and pain. The Subconscious mind is our emotional mind and its job is to balance the levels of conscious. Designed to balance.
  • The Superconscious Mind. Which comprises of 50% of our mind’s capacity. Is the spiritual mind, has been called our “Higher Self, authentic self, it connects us to the flow of life, our intuition (inner teacher) creativity, love, happiness, joy, bliss, soul, our unique divinity within and our connection to the universe. Designed to thrive.

What makes Breath4Life™ Breath Work so unique is the Practitioner leads you down into the subconscious at the beginning of a session, so you can easily access the clutter you have unwittingly stored there. Some of which maybe limiting beliefs, core conflicts or suppressions. However, it may also be magic memories of loved ones, reconnecting with love of self, joy, laughter and bliss, unfortunately we don’t know and that is why it’s so important to have a good guide who will take you there and support your process.

Why Choose This Course?

Breath4Life™ Breath Work is an exciting, totally unique and complete self-healing package. It incorporates Breath Work Therapy, life-skills, NLP techniques, life-coaching and written and non-written process work. It is a life-transforming journey of self-discovery.

The Foundation Course (level One) is an effective and efficient tool for personal growth, evolution, healing and development.

What is included

  1. 12 days of training.
  2. 10, group breath work sessions.
  3. 10, 20 minute clarity calls.
  4. 10, 1:1, 2 hour sessions during a 10 month period via Skype or in person. With designated coach/mentor.
  5. Access to Acorn to Oak's library of resources.
  6. Workbook for course content.
  7. Reflective Journal.
  8. Handouts.
  9. Certificate of attendance.

The Breath Work techniques will enable you to cope with ongoing stresses that may occur throughout your life. During the course you will look at all areas of your life, from conception onwards. It will help you to identify recurring patterns and self-sabotaging behaviour. You are provided with a file containing all the supporting documentation and a workbook is used to help reinforce the learning that occurs in class. A certificate of attendance is awarded when the workbooks are completed.

This is course is also the first level to becoming a Breath4Life™ Breath Work Practitioner if you so wish.

Need more info - contact me at:

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for

  • People who are new to, but interested in self-development, growth and evolution who wish to learn about and explore emotional intelligence, mental wellbeing and spiritual awareness.
  • People who are interested and committed to exploring all aspects of themselves.
  • For people who want to engage fully in life and show up in a real & authentic way and share their unique gifts with others
  • Practitioners, Coaches, Therapists, Health Care Professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Counsellors or stressed out professionals and entrepreneurs who want to experience and learn exercises and processes that will help and support them in their own self development and they can share with their own clients that will enhance their practice and what they offer.
This course is not good for
  • People who don’t really want to change or gain more clarity, love and happiness.
  • Will not commit to the process and journey of Breath4Life™ Breath Work
  • People who don’t really believe that thoughts create things
  • People who want a quick fix that takes no personal effort

This is course is a great way to start to explore the bigger picture, get to know yourself and deal with obstacles that are in the way of you achieving what you want in life. It helps you recognise and deal with self-destructive or limiting patterns of behaviour that have held you hostage, possibly since early childhood. Ultimately Breath4Life™ Breath Work helps you achieve the freedom to create the life you desire.

Please note Early Bird Price of £5500 ends 1st April 2020. Full price £6500


This should be taught to all children so they understand - who they are - what they are here for and how to do life successfully. Boy what a difference that would make.

Maria Stones, Teacher

Because of this work, I've got my life back

Susan Leggs , Nurse
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