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Acorn to Oak is a holistic and spiritual organisation, based in London, Guildford, Woking, New Milton and the south of England. Founded in 1998 by Pennie Quaile-Pearce.

We provide a wide range of exciting courses, events and training sessions that will inspire you. On a personal level will improve your health and wellbeing as well as enhancing your life with added joy, happiness, spirit and vigour! On a professional level take you to new heights of awareness, creativity and productivity.

That's big stuff, firstly we would like to welcome you and invite you to explore what we have on offer and let us know if there is anything you need right now.

Interview with Pennie

Letter from Pennie

I've spent over 25 years in the role of "Divine Waitress" serving others divinely inspired and spiritually nourishing "Food" for the soul. In that role I have been blessed to work with thousands of people from all walks of life. I have had the fantastic experience of entering the divine's kitchen to collect plates of deliciously nurturing food that the Saints, Avatars and Self Realised Masters have prepared lovingly for humanity.

The Divine called me back into the kitchen in October 2014 when I was asked to undergo some "In house training" which I completed in joy and bliss. At that time I was given a choice to change my role or stay in the kitchen... I choose to stay in service to humanity, but was given the opportunity to change my role from "Divine Waitress" to "Divine Hostess"... I have been joined by an amazing staff of "Divine Waiters and Waitresses" all committed to serve humanity to their highest will and good.

Do you feel the CALL to put yourself truly and authentically in service to the Divine?

Would you like to put yourself in service to humanity?

Can you think BIG and undergo the training to free your soul to serve?

If the answer is YES apply for a position as a "Divine Waiter/Waitress" by committing to the process and training the ego to serve the soul with the Ultimate Divine Service Team of Acorn to Oak.

What ignites your passion?

What do you want to know, learn, understand, experience or excel at?

You will find some amazing courses & tools on this site specifically designed to help you gain whatever it is that you are looking for in life; right here, right now.

You will experience a 'coming home' when connecting with Acorn to Oak

We run a fun, heart-centred, unique and joyous organisation that hundreds of individuals have chosen to provide them with support on their journey of self-discovery and/or professional training.

With us you will find a variety of established teachings and cutting-edge technologies

The unique combination of intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual work provides you with an holistic approach to resolving many problems we all face in our daily life. The cutting-edge tools we use can help you to quickly & safely move through deep, unresolved issues that many of us carry around today. New research and methodologies are constantly being incorporated into our courses, try a taster session and experience for yourself the differences these tools can make in your own life.

Our roots

Acorn to Oak was founded more than 15 years ago. It continues to develop in collaboration with experts including health professionals, therapists, educational advisers, spiritual teachers and others from the human potential movement.

In late 2012 under the Acorn to Oak umbrella ‘The International School of Energy Medicine’ was launched by Pennie Quaile-Pearce. As CEO, she continues to use her considerable skill and expertise in the field of energy medicine, spiritual awareness and self-development to evolve the organisation.

Excerpts from the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda

"The greatest of all happiness, next to divine happiness, is to be at peace with one’s immediate relations, those with whom one must live every day in the year. When people try to handle the extremely complicated machinery of human feelings without any training whatsoever, the consequent results are often disastrous. Very few persons realize that most of our happiness lies in the art of understanding the law of human behavior. That is why so many people are often “in hot water” with their friends, and, worse yet, at constant war with their own best beloved ones at home."

This is the training we offer at Acorn to Oak

Our Vision

Our vision is that you experience a supportive world where all are empowered to express their unique divinity within

Our Culture

We are a fun, vibrant, heart-centred community for all.

We encourage all to find their unique self and authentic way of being.

We bring the highest level of integrity, spiritual values and recognition of universal laws into our daily lives.

We serve each other to discover our divine interconnectedness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the divine by providing courses, events and training that come from the highest level of integrity, which lead to personal and spiritual growth, development and remembrance.

To provide training for all who are ready, willing and committed to change at a fundamental level.

To provide fun, heart centred and inspiring environments in which all are encouraged to explore their authentic selves.

To provide opportunities for you to walk your walk in fellowship with like-minded people.


Simply put Acorn to Oak’s courses are second to none, the care, attention and amazing eye for detail is amazing. The concentration and space held by the facilitators is awesome. Pennie you run a tight and well-oiled team which makes everything seem easy, however I know what it takes to put on events. The love you channel is quite jaw dropping and your clarity and ability to take risks purely inspirational. I hope you may you be richly rewarded for your work. You have my heart felt gratitude for the ‘EGO’ training I have received. Thank God I found you.

Jack Webster, Managing Director

I would highly recommend that you attend one of Acorn to Oak's trainings they are incredible, professional, fun, full of laughter, kindness, love. It feels like a coming's the first time in a long time where I was able to truly relax and be myself... Pennie and the team Thank-you so much

Diana Wells, Beauty Therapist
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