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Reiki One

Duration: 2 day (non residential)

Venue: TBA

Prerequisites: None

Cost: £250.00

Next Course: TBA

Why choose this course?

Reiki One is a wonderful introduction to this amazing healing therapy. At Acorn to Oak we have been training people in Reiki since 1996. We are experienced, professional, fun loving, heart centred and our teaching team are passionate about guiding people through their Reiki One experience. Pennie Quaile-Pearce is one of main tutors for Reiki as well as Luke Pearce, Jill Pay, Matthew Donnachie and Adam Weller, with help and support of our team of amazing co-facilitators Paul Fischer, Adina Newton, Amy Gower. Reiki One is always run with 2 Reiki Masters in attendance which brings added knowledge, experiences and support for each participant. Classes are kept small so everyone benefits from close supervision.

Who is this course for?

This weekend is perfect for

  • People who are new to, but interested in self-development.
  • People who are interested and committed to explore their own self - development and explore all aspects of energy and energy medicine.
  • Therapists who want to experience and learn exercises and processes that will help and support them in their own self development and they can share with their own clients that will enhance their practice and what they offer.

This weekend is not good for

  • People who don’t really want to change or gain more clarity and understanding about how the universe works.
  • People who are don’t really believe that energy has anything to do with healing self, balance or well-being
  • People who want a quick fix and are not willing to make any personal effort

Anyone who is interested in understanding more about energy and it’s importance in our daily lives, who wishes to learn and experience Reiki, who wishes to open as an energy channel and be able to channel Reiki energy for themselves and others.

What we will teach and you will experience

  • Healing Sounds
  • Grounding and Protection techniques
  • Meditation
  • Visualisations
  • How to give yourself a self-healing treatment
  • How to give and receive a complete Reiki Treatment
  • The Energetic Models of Health©, Disease© and Cure©
  • The Energetic Parts of Self, including: - The Energy Field - Chakras - Hara Line - Soul Seat- Core Star- Tan Tein - Samscaras
  • The use of techniques for Energetic Grounding and Protection
  • The Principles of Reiki
  • The Reiki Invocation
  • Emotional Intelligence - context versus content
  • Energy Exercises which promote confidence and enhance skills, and which also help to sensitise hands to feel energy
  • The process and theory of Self-healing
  • Theory, procedure and Hand positions for giving a Reiki treatment to another person

How is the course structured?

Prior to starting the course you will receive some pre-course reading which will help you understand the background to Reiki. During the weekend you will learn how to do self-healing treatments and how to treat friends and family. The weekends are organised so that you will gain a lot of 'hands on' experience with Reiki Energy as well as the theory that sits behind it. You will receive four Reiki attunements during the course; which will help to establish a channel by which you will be able to channel Reiki. A mentor is assigned to each participant so they have someone to contact after the course, for on-going support. A file and all supporting documentation is supplied, along with a post-course workbook to help re-enforce the learning that took place during the course.

This course will be run via Zoom.

This training will literally change your life for the better whichever way to decide to participate.

Take Care



I had a great weekend. Felt very safe, I got alot from the attunements...The time was over all too soon. Wow I may of found myself...Thank-you so very much :)

Lynn Holland, Groom/carer

I can't begin to Thank-you enough for a phenomenal Reiki One Weekend- seriously off the charts stuff! It felt as if I was able to begin to peel back the layers in such a safe and loving place. It's impossible to sum up the weekend in words except to say it was profound. So thank-you for facilitating this experience and helping me go forward with a new found sense of freedom

Miranda Ash, Trainer
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