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Spiritual Response Therapy:- Advanced Level 2:- Practitioner Course

Duration: 3, 3 Day Trainings plus 1 day

Venue: TBA


Cost: £1,650.00

Next Course: TBA

Spiritual Response Therapy Advanced Practitioners Course. A fully supported exploration of the energy tools and models. A complete package to allow you to take this amazing tool and use as a paid SRT Therapist, or as a means of shedding your own limiting patterns and programmes.

This Training is perfect for

  • People who have completed the SRT basic level of training and wish to know and experience more.
  • People who have completed the SRT basic level and would like to use this training for personal self-development and evolution and helping out friends and family.
  • People who want to make a career from being an SRT Practitioner.
  • People who are already Practitioners and wish to add another string to their bow.

This Training is not good for
1. People who don’t really want to change or gain more clarity.
2. People who are don’t really believe that thoughts create things
3. People who want a quick fix that takes no personal effort

Why Choose This Course?

You will gain and deepen your knowledge base around the science of SRT and develop your own unique art of helping yourself and others with this incredible tool. Whether you want to become a Practitioner or not, it is a journey well worth taking for personal development, self-evolution and life freedom.

Who is this course for?

This course can only be undertaken by students who have successfully completed the SRT basic or Foundation Course with Acorn to Oak and will give you all the skills and expertise to enable you to start using this amazing system with others, whether you are a practitioner in another modality or not. The student will be successful at interview; have successfully completed all course work from the Foundation Course, prior to the commencement of the advanced course.

What we will you teach?

This is an advanced course that will cover everything that is needed in order to make you a confident and proficient SRT4LifeTM Practitioner, which includes

  • A Parallel Universe
  • Parallel Lives
  • Soul Qualities
  • Soul Themes and Challenges
  • Negative Motivations
  • Blocks to Positive Expressions
  • Master Programmes
  • Discordant Energy Programmes
  • Conscious Mind Programmes
  • Subconscious Mind Programmes
  • Colours and Direct Healing Processes
  • Overview of Soul Mates, Twin Flames, Flame Mates
  • Inner Archetypes
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • The Physical Learning Level Charts
  • Miscellaneous Blocks
  • Soul Energy Programming
  • Spirit Energy Programming
  • Programmes Before Creation
  • Pre-Fall All of Consciousness
  • How to Change Your Life Vows
  • Multiple Soul Programmes
  • Mazes.
  • Spiritual Committees
  • Programmes not on Charts
  • Organs and Glands
  • Brain Re-Structuring
  • Crystalline Restructuring
  • The Homotoxicology Form
  • Etheric Body Dysfunction
  • Other Programmes to Check on
  • Any New Programmes
  • Order of Work
  • Best Practice
  • How to run a successfully and thriving Private Practice
  • Gaining Clients
  • Becoming a Knowledge Broker
  • How to set up your session
  • What to put into place and have ready?

How is the course structured?

The course is designed to be given in 3, 3 days trainings with a minimum of 3 weeks in between the courses to integrate the energy shifts and to complete the research needed to move forward. Each of the 9 days are designed specifically for the participant to gain knowledge, personal insights and clear personal issues and limiting patterns.

This includes:

  • Theoretical content,
  • Opportunities for personal exploration and clearing.
  • Installation of high vibrational energy.
  • Opportunities to learn good energetic hygiene.
  • In order for you to gain a Practitioner Certificate you will need to complete the workbooks and 10 supervised cases.

What is included in this Training?

  • 9 days of trainings
  • 3, 1-hour coaching calls to be book by you whenever you need or as support when setting up in practice.
  • 3, 30-minute clarity calls. one 7 days after each 3-day training
  • Membership of Private Facebook Group dedicated to SRT Practitioners and Advanced level Students.
  • Invites to SRT skill shares (Once a month Zoom call for sharing and networking x 6 sessions)
  • Access to Acorn to Oak's resource Library

To be accepted onto this course you will need to be successful at a interview with Pennie Quaile-Pearce. Have completed the Basic SRT course and completed the workbook, gained a certificate of attendance and had the 3 clarity calls that are part of the basic course. This is a professional, highly structured course which leads to participants being highly proficient with the tool of SRT, however you will need to commit to understanding and using the tool and gain as much personal experience as possible. There is the science to SRT which we will teach you, then there is the art, which is SRT and your own unique genius and vibration which we will help you explore and discover. It's an amazing journey which you will love and gain the a new way of helping and serving others.

Course Dates

For 2022


1. 11th, 12th, 13th. February (Advanced)

2. 4th, 5th, 6th, March (Advanced)

3. 1st, 2nd, 3rd April (Practitioner)

So here is to the journey

In Divine Friendship


If you would like to just do the Advanced SRT - Cost is £1000.

Please email


I just wanted to congratulate you for putting on an amazing course, so full of learning, fun and amazing opportunities to grow. Thank-you

David Thorn , Personal Trainer
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