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I have benefited so much from being part of the six-month women's breathwork group. We have all supported each other on our individual journeys and it has been uncanny how often other people's stories and experiences have resonated with me. The breathwork sessions have seen us all make amazing breakthroughs while Pennie and Jill hold the space and dispense pearls of wisdom.

Beverley Glick, Human Potential Coach

Wanted to gain knowledge and experience to help guide my clients to manifest cleanly and accurately. What an amazing course and an amazing technique. It was delivered in such a way that I learnt so much and gained such tools as well as such rich experiences and stories to tell. It's fantastic when you are taught by such an expert that makes it seem effortless and so much fun. Thank-you for guiding us through demystifying how to manifest with joy and laughter. You did a great job Pennie. Awesome :D

Grace Instaff, Coach
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