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Crystal Healing Session

Duration: 30 minutes

Venue: TBA

Prerequisites: None

Cost: £15.00

Next Course: TBA

The ultimate goal of Crystal healing is to return the whole body to a state of pure unconditional love.

This basically means thinking loving thoughts, feeling loving emotions and loving practicalities of everyday life. Any other state of being creates disease, whereby the mind, body and spirit are not at in harmony with the Divine loving energy of the universe.

There are many case studies of people “curing” themselves from terminal illness and all report the same message that they had to learn how to love themselves back to health.

How can Crystals help?

Crystals emit tiny electrical impulses which are received & recognised via the body’s neurological system. Conscious recognition of the energy exchange is not always apparent as it can be quite subtle. Each crystal has its own unique signature of energy, for example Tigers Eye will promote feelings of confidence, courage, pride, success and combat any negative sensations regarding these strengths which may be causing imbalance or restriction within the mental or emotional wellbeing of the individual.

Correct placement of crystals on the body will promote emotional and mental harmony. During this state of equilibrium, inner harmony, the body has the perfect conditions to naturally heal itself, producing healthy re- growth of tissue and cells.

How is the therapy administered?

Crystal Therapy is non-invasive and extremely relaxing. Crystals are placed on the body and surrounding area to create a wonderful sense of calm, stillness and wellbeing in a relaxed and caring environment. Sensations such as tingling, temperature changes can sometimes be felt as the body gently realigns itself.


I would honestly recommend the Reiki courses from Acorn to Oak, for personal development, it opened up a new world of opportunity, a new way of being, a confidence giver, life is much more fulfilled than before, the blinkers were removed. Reiki is part of my life everyday, I would have to thank my teachers for the learning and support, wht a wonderful bunch of folk with a wealth of experience and knowledge. The courses were professionally taught and delivered with loads of information and practical exercises, I have almost completed my Reiki 3 and have enjoyed the journey, and its true to the name, growing Acorns into wonderful strong Oaks. Big Thank you to all of you at Acorn to Oak.

Nicky Dobson, Catering Manager

Just one word for this EPIC weekend

Matthew Donnachie, Builder
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