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Inner Child - 10 Week Coaching Package - Online

Duration: 10 Weeks

Venue: TBA

Prerequisites: None

Cost: £450.00

Next Course: TBA

Do you worry that you will do to your children what your parents did to you? Do you shy away from commitment, or cower at the thought of saying “NO”? Do you eat too much, drink or smoke too much, Love, shop, work or worry too much? Do you blame others for your pain? Do you wish your past would just go away?

Many people suffer in this way, and most of you are haunted by your childhood. It was then that you learned how to relate to others and how to get their love and approval. It was then that you absorbed your parents’ patterns of behaviour and formed your values. These lessons became the foundation of your adult lives. If your foundation was faulty, the present structure of your life will be weak. You will be prone to recreating the patterns from your past and reliving the wounds you experienced as a child.

  • Discovering and Healing Your Children Within
  • The Infant Self
  • The Toddler Self
  • The Young Inner Child
  • The Grade School Child Within
  • The Young Teen Within
  • The Adolescent Within
  • The Young Inner Adult
  • Developing Ongoing Relationships with Your Children Within and Intimate Adult Relationships and Your Children Within
  • Reflect review and where do you go from here


You Know I think I'd be dead or in prison by now if I'd not found Pennie or done this work. I thank God every day and I'm soo very grateful. You know if you are at the end of your tether, in the shit or anger and confused then Breath Work is the thing that will turn your life around. It’s fast, simple and effective just like Ronseal… it does what it says on the tin yeah, so stop messing around and do it!

Matthew Donnachie, Builder

Wanted to gain knowledge and experience to help guide my clients to manifest cleanly and accurately. What an amazing course and an amazing technique. It was delivered in such a way that I learnt so much and gained such tools as well as such rich experiences and stories to tell. It's fantastic when you are taught by such an expert that makes it seem effortless and so much fun. Thank-you for guiding us through demystifying how to manifest with joy and laughter. You did a great job Pennie. Awesome :D

Grace Instaff, Coach
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