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New Year Planning & Manifestation Day

Duration: 5 hrs

Venue: TBA

Prerequisites: None

Cost: £45.00

Next Course: TBA

Do you need some help and inspiration to plan your goals for next year? Did you acheive what you would have liked to acheived this year? No? Do you know you could acheive more?, be more? Have greater happiness, joy, abundance and health. Do you know how to energise each month to acheive those goals?

Come along and join a group of like minded people and get inspiration, experience the fellowship of others working authentically to grow inabudance and joy.


Wow Pennie, that was not what I expected at all!! I had hoped that this maybe a useful day's training... but to have had an experience that I know will change my life is... outstanding. I am in awe of what you do. Please continue doing it and get it out there to as many as possible!! We need it and we need you to help us. Thank-you

Taylor Miess , Banker

The Inner Balance weekend was a profound and moving journey towards wholeness, balancing male and female energy in a wonderfully supportive, safe environment. I emerged from the experience feeling able to face a challenging personal situation with fresh insight and energy.

Beverley Glick, Human Potential Coach
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