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Breathe before You Speak - This simple strategy has remarkable results

Fri, 10 August 2018

Everything you would like to experience in Life is just beyond F.E.A.R.

False Evidence Appearing Real

Breathe before You Speak

This simple strategy has remarkable results.

The almost immediate result includes increased patience, added perspective and more gratitude and respect from others.

The strategy itself is incredibly simple. It involves nothing more than pausing – breathing after the person to whom you are speaking is finished. At first, the gap between your voices may seem like an eternity – but in reality, it amounts to only a fraction of a second of actual time. You will get used to the power and beauty of breathing and you will come to appreciate it as well. It will bring you closer to earn you more respect from virtually everyone you come in contact with. You’ll find that being listened to is one of the rarest and most treasured gifts you can offer.

All it takes is intention and practice

If you observe the conversation around you you’ll notice that, often, what many of us do is simply wait for our chance to speak. We’re not really listening to the other person, but simply waiting for an opening to express our own view. We often complete other people’s sentences, or say things like, “Yeah, yeah,” or “I know,” urging them to hurry up so that we can have our turn. It seems that talking to another is sometimes more like sparring back and forth like fighters or ping pong balls than it is enjoying or learning from the conversation.

This harried form of communication encourages us to criticise points of view, overreact, misinterpret meaning, impute false motives and form opinions all before our fellow communicator is even finished speaking. No wonder we are so often annoyed, bothered and irritated with one another. Sometimes, with our poor listening skills, it’s a miracle that we have any friends at all.

A brand new experience

I spent most of my life waiting for my turn to speak. If you’re at all like me, you’ll be pleasantly amazed at the softer reactions and looks of surprise as you let others completely finish their thought before you begin yours. Often, you will be allowing someone to feel listened to for the very first time. You will sense a feeling of relief coming from the person to whom you are speaking – and a much calmer, less rushed feeling between the two of you. No need to worry that you won’t get you turn to speak – you will. In fact, it will be more rewarding to speak because the person you are speaking to will pick up on your respect and patience and will begin to do the same.

Taken from How to do Life – The Secrets to Modern Living, By Pennie Quaile Pearce.

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Hi Pennie, Thank you for sharing your chapter of "The Change" series with was a refreshing and inspirational read...the journey you describe, I can relate to very well and is spot on.....all the very best Priti x


Went to Pennie's talk at Guant's House holistic Fair on April 9th 2016. The moments of absolute lucidity around behaviours. the whole talk/experience was awesome. Postive and very life affirming. Can you please teach me some of what you know so that I can help others in a similar way?. Pennie's answer to that - is Yes I can- book a clarity call with me to find out more.

Micelle Christopher, Heart Felt Healing
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