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Brown helps with boundaries

Fri, 14 September 2018

Brown is the colour of earthiness – a direct conduit to nature, animal wisdom and universal wisdom that crates healthy boundaries and attains a balanced perspective. Connect to nature’s healing properties and revive your energy and creativity with brown. So, use the brown ray to deepen your connection to the earth and create healthy boundaries.

Exercise to help you create healthy boundaries

It’s best to pick a day when it’s not raining, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is. Go outside find a stick and draw a circle on the ground (It doesn’t matter what size, but approximately 2-3 feet). Stand inside the circle, breathe in some fresh air and stretch up and out to all sides of yourself, if you feel you need to make the circle bigger do so, so you have room to grow. Allow the brown ray to connect you to the earth.

Affirm; “Higher Self, I choose to create new boundaries for myself and others. I choose to listen to my own guidance and follow it, I respect myself, I value myself, I love myself.

State how you would like to be treated by others and only leave the circle when you feel clear about your boundaries. And so it is.

You may wish once you have step out of the circle to use the Auburn grounding technique to ground this new way of being.

Repeat this process whenever you feel that one of your boundaries is not holding. Have fun with it and enjoy being outside.

Hope this is helpful… drop me a line if it is and I’ll share some more. Take Care

In Divine Friendship



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Just when I think you must have peaked by pull something out of the thin air that simply blows my mind. Pennie, I am awe struck by you. I envy your connection to universal wisdom, your clarity of thought, your light hearted delivery and your loving & nurturing of our souls...Thank-you

Alex Clown, Flight Co-ordinator

I've been in many different situations and had a lot of different and amazing experiences in my life so I have a good frame of reference, but what I experienced today was off the charts. The love, joy and happiness I felt was amazing, but what took me by surprise was how safe I felt and the totally acceptance which led to inner peace and contentment. Thank-you

Judy , Entertainer
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