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Points 4, 5, 6, 7 on Love is starting withLove always strengthens, and never weakens.

Thu, 6 September 2018

4. Love always strengthens, and never weakens.

Love is empowering, while counterfeit “love” is weakening. Power is not commonly associated with love, for we often see tenderness as being foolish or a weakness or as being out of touch with reality. In fact, most people when operating from the ego perspective, think that love and power are opposites i.e. if you are loving, you are not manifesting power, you are vulnerable or a softy and can be hurt by the people you love. We know that in times of plague, the doctors and nurses who were the most exposed often escaped any illness themselves. Mother Teressa survive for so long in the slums of Calcutta without getting one of the hundreds of illnesses she treated because compassion for another fortifies and strengthens us. We cease being afraid and acting like a victim. When we forgive, we are healed. Such is the strength of love.

5. Love is the desire to bring only healing to any situation

Since genuine love is never harmful, it can only heal. In fact, love could be considered the basis of healing in every situation. Love’s healing power never creates conflict but teaches us how to accept those we say we love as they are, and to see them as perfectly themselves, allowing us to be perfectly ourselves as well. Love’s desire is to be truly and unconditional helpful.

6. Love is the absence of fear.

In most religious text it teaches that “Perfect love casts out all fear” In fact, Love is the only real antidote to fear in the world. Fear always comes from an illusion, for it has to do with a possible future occurrence. Since the future does not exist, but is only a figment of our imagination, fear does not exist either, it also being a figment of our imagination.

F – False

E – Evidence

A – Appearing

R – Real

No one has ever gotten over fear by demanding it of themselves. Such a demand only leads to that fear being suppressed. If when fear arises we lovingly reassure ourselves of our own safety, our own wellbeing and or own ability to handle anything, we are giving love to ourselves. When we are able to give loving support to ourselves, we are much more likely to give it to others as well.

7. Love is Kindness

Patience is kind; impatience is not. Acceptance is kind; criticism and judgement are not. Freedom is kind; control is not. Soft words are kind; harsh words are not. Keeping your word is kind; breaking it is not. Speaking respectfully is kind; screaming and yelling is not. Asking nicely without expectations or attachments is kind; demands, whining and expectations are not. Communication is kind; avoidance of communication is not. Generosity is kind; with-holding is not.

All of us, having the ego part of our minds, find ourselves at times being unkind. We need to be patient and forgiving of ourselves, realising that all our unkindness’s come from fear within us. Know that this fear can only be healed by Love. By healing our fear with love, we can then apologise for being unkind and use the apology as a return to Love.

The next blog will cover 8 & 9

Love is the desire and willingness to give and to serve

Love is gratitude

In Divine Friendship



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I've been in many different situations and had a lot of different and amazing experiences in my life so I have a good frame of reference, but what I experienced today was off the charts. The love, joy and happiness I felt was amazing, but what took me by surprise was how safe I felt and the totally acceptance which led to inner peace and contentment. Thank-you

Judy Dee, Entertainer

During the Mining the Gold Within intensive retreat I finally allowed myself to feel emotions that I had suppressed for years. At times it felt as if there was nowhere to hide but this bootcamp for the soul was just what I needed to take me on to the next stage of my journey into Self. I couldn't think of a safer, more authentic person with whom to dive to the depths than Pennie. It was a life-changing, life-enhancing experience.

Beverley Glick, Human Potential Coach
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