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Protecting your energy field is a matter of grave important after grounding

Fri, 14 September 2018


To seal and protect your aura from outside influences.

Suggested Prayer for protection

"Spirits of white light protect the doorway of my soul and help me live in love light and peace, I ask this in the name of the Christ Consciousness and the God force. Amen"

Suggested techniques of protection

Stand up, knees slightly bent and take a couple of deep breaths to quieten the mind.

On your next ‘in-breath’, visualise the colour pink. Draw this pink light all around your body, in the shape of an egg, about 4 feet in diameter. Sense yourself standing in the protection of the egg, feeling safe, secure and loved in the ray of pink.

Completing this process, on your next in breath see a white light, draw it all around the outside of the pink egg, until it extends approximately to 15 - 20 feet away from your physical body.

Sense the feeling of protection and security from this light, although it will allow positive influences and stimuli in and out.

As your next inhale, imagine a golden rim of light, draw it on the outside of the white egg and know that anything negative wanting to enter your auric field will be repelled.

Take another deep breath in and open your eyes and be wide awake to continue your life.

The protection exercise is an excellent way to protect yourself following the grounding technique and whenever you feel the need.

Quick protections in cases of emergencies

  • Imagine you are invisible (this technique is simple but very effective, because if you are not there you won’t attract the attention)
  • If you are walking down a dark alley, imagine a pink light in front of you (the ray of pink signifies unconditional love and like attracts like)
  • Imagine that you carrying a mirror, surrounding your whole body (this will reflect back any disturbing energies directed at you)
  • If visiting people in hospital.Imagine a large white sponge around you.After leaving the hospital dissolve the sponge in a shower of white light, sending any negativity back to mother earth.You will be surprised how dirty or black the sponge has become during your visit.

Remember, that protection is important not just for people but animals, homes, cars and any situation that feels unsafe.


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