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Pennie Quaile Pearce

Pennie drumming at stonehenge

Address: New Milton, Hampshire


I set up Acorn to Oak with the intention of helping as many people as possible so they could achieve optimal health, happiness, abundance, peace with fun, love and joy in all areas of their lives. I started my working life in the orthodox medical field and 22 years later I reviewed what I was doing. I had enjoyed my career, but realised it was limited to dealing with physical pathology I wanted to help others on all levels, so I started to re-train, first as a Homoeopath, then in Reiki, NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Life Coaching, Vibrational Medicine, BodhisoulR Breathwork, SRT, Mindfulness, Meditation, Creative Visualisations to name a few. During this time I’ve become an expert in energetic medicine and have written the Energetic Models of Health, Disease and Cure. I am a prolific writer, public speaker, and workshop facilitator. I am a Kriya yogi and enjoy working in private practice or with groups.
When I've asked people what would make them happy right now... I've always been fascinated by their answers, these range from being a millionaire, being able to see their grandchildren grow up, watching the sun set from a Caribbean island, being pain free, being more self-aware, finding their soul mate, living another month, experiencing more joy, being content, feeling safe, finding out what their Life Purpose is, growing their business, taking a holiday, just being themselves.
I am passionate about helping people find joy, realise their dreams, find their passion and achieve their highest potential.
So how do I help you do that? A great teacher once liken life to going to the cinema. You arrive, buy your ticket and go into the movie theatre. The lights dim and after the adverts and promotional material finish the movie starts... it could be a drama, a thriller, horror or romance, but after a while you begin to identify with the characters playing out their roles in front of you. You may be moved to gasp, cry or clutch the arms of your seat in horror, empathy or fear... What you forget is if you turned and looked behind you, what you would see is just white light streaming through the projectionist box making pictures on the screen. So if you want the movie to change what you need to do is get up and go back to the projectionists box, go in and change the film in the projector, then the pictures on the scene will change.
So if you want the outside experience of your life to change, then you need to go within yourself and change what is happening there first.
In the story the film is your patterns, subconscious clutter, past traumas, forgotten hurts, limiting beliefs, sabotaging programming, suppressed and repressed emotions. All of these things and more are what are stopping you creating the life that you want and desire to experience.
What I have done at Acorn to Oak is bring together Cutting Edge Therapies, Training, Coaching, Nutritional Advice and Supplements to promote your Optimal Health, Wellbeing, Happiness and joy on a Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual level.
I look forward to meeting you. Take Care. Enjoy and In Joy



I have qualified in the following skills:

  • Reiki 2 Practitioner
  • Reiki Master/Teacher
  • SRT Practitioner
  • Breath4Life Practitioner

Other Training

Hopi Ear Candles
Holistic Massage
Homoeopathy LCH
NLP Master Practitioner and Time Line Therapist
Spiritual and Life Coach
Relationship & Soul Mate Coach


Residential Reiki Weekends are definitely the way to learn Reiki, If you get the chance to train with Acorn to Oak… I highly recommend you take it

Maria Langford, Teacher

I would highly recommend that you attend one of Acorn to Oak's trainings they are incredible, professional, fun, full of laugther, kindness, love. It feels like a coming's the first time in a long time where I was able to truely relax and be myself... Pennie and the team Thank-you so much

Diana Wells, Beauty Therapist
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