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October 2012

  • Laughter Yoga for Seniors

    Posted on Tue, 30 October 2012

    Seniors can truly benefit from Laughter Yoga. These 5 categories can help you explain how Laughter Yoga is so well suited to helping seniors live fully and meaningfully.

    1. Adds More Laughter to Life

    Laughter Yoga is ideally suited to helping seniors live a more laughing life. It does not rely upon a sense of humour or cognitive function. Therefore, anyone can laugh heartily. It also helps people understand that they do not need a reason to laugh. As we grow older, we laugh less and less.  Because of dementia and Alzheimer's disease, seniors often times can’t get jokes or find anything funny.  This is because humour is mental and cognitive phenomena.  Therefore Laughter Yoga is ideally suited for seniors to do laughter as a form of exercise and get multiple health benefits from it.

    2. Promotes Physical Health

    As we grow older because of wear and tear most seniors have...Read More

  • Laughter Yoga for Children

    Posted on Mon, 29 October 2012

    Children can truly benefit from Laughter Yoga. These 5 categories can help you explain how Laughter Yoga is so well suited to helping children as they grow, particularly in educational settings.

    1. Promotes Healthy Emotional Development

    It is through play that children develop emotional intelligence when they grow up.  However, children today are not physically playing much, they are glued to their mobile phones, television and computer screens.  Laughter Yoga encourages children to physically play and express themselves fully for their emotional development.

    2. Increases Academic Performance

    By increasing the net supply of oxygen to the body and brain, Laughter Yoga helps children stay focused for peak academic performance.

    3. Builds Physical Stamina

    As a physical exercise, Laughter Yoga helps develop healthy bodies which have increased physical stamina. This helps kids...Read More

  • Laughter Yoga for the Business World

    Posted on Sat, 27 October 2012

    The corporate world can truly benefit from Laughter Yoga. These 5 categories can help you explain how Laughter Yoga is so well suited to building stronger businesses.

    1. Reduces Stress

    Laughter Yoga is the quickest, most effective, most economical way to help employees reduce stress. This helps prevent worker burnout and absenteeism from stress-related illness.

    2. Creates Emotional Well-Being

    Laughter Yoga helps employees balance and manage their emotional lives. It increases positive emotions and decreases negative emotions. This smoothes workplace relations and helps people develop a work life balance.

    3. Promotes Peak Performance

    Laughter Yoga increases the net supply of oxygen to the body and brain, thus, promoting peak performance. The brain requires 25% more oxygen than the rest of the body. The laughing and deep yoga breathing of Laughter Yoga enables the brain...Read More

  • 3 Reasons to Practice Laughter Yoga

    Posted on Thu, 25 October 2012

    Sometimes people will object to trying Laughter Yoga. They say things like: I don’t want to “fake” my laughter, I want it to be real or I already laugh a lot. Whenever you hear such arguments to the contrary, be prepared with these 3 great reasons to practice Laughter Yoga as developed by Dr. Kataria.

    1. To get the scientifically proven benefits of laughter, one has to laugh longer. Laughter Yoga enables you to laugh for an extended period time. In everyday life, we laugh at funny things but usually, the laughter is only for a few seconds, here and there. In order to reap the health benefits, you must laugh at least 15-20 minutes with resting breaks in-between. Only then, will your body gain the physiologically and biological health benefits. In Laughter Yoga, we laugh as a form of exercise, therefore, you can laugh as long as you choose.

    2. Laughter...Read More

  • The 5 Major Benefits of Laughter Yoga

    Posted on Wed, 24 October 2012

    The benefits of Laughter Yoga are too numerous to mention in one article. Therefore, Dr. Kataria summarized them into these 5 categories. This is a handy list. So when someone asks you why Laughter Yoga is beneficial, this list becomes a great resource.

    1. Reduces Stress

    Laughter is an effective stress management tool and is the fastest way to reduce stress. In our modern world, people face physical stress from being overworked. They also have mental stress from various demands and deadlines. Additionally, they have emotional stress due to their relationships. Laughter Yoga immediately releases all three stresses at once.

    2. Elevates Mood

    Laughter Yoga helps put you in a good mood, because it releases the feel- good endorphins of serotonin and dopamine. This causes a perception shift, which makes everything in your life, feel better. It creates more energy throughout...Read More


Felt very safe, I got alot from the attunements...The time was over all too soon. Wow I may of found myself...Thank-you so very much :)

Lynn Holland, Groom/carer

You know, Pennie, I had a sneaking feeling you were just reading me like a book, that everything you said was directed at me and me alone…how egotistical is that! I looked around the room while you were talking and everyone was so enthralled in what you were saying I never been to anything like this before and I’m certainly hooked now so I’ll be seeing you again soon. A big Thank-you

Richard Green , IFA
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