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Why use Breath4Life™ Breath Work? What makes it so powerful and unique?

Mon, 29 April 2019

Acorn to Oak is a holistic and spiritual organisation, based in UK. Founded in 1998 by Pennie Quaile-Pearce SRN RSCN MA MSc LCH RMA Cert Ed. Pennie is the creator and main tutor for Breath4Life™ Breath Work.

Why use Breath4Life™ Breath Work?

The breath is our fuel for living, without which we wouldn’t survive. Many of us rarely acknowledge how we breathe, despite it being the building block for all life's processes – not to mention essential for maintaining a healthy mind - body - soul equilibrium. Breathing is a fully automatic process, beginning at birth and continuing without interruption until the day we die. For most, it can be a fully unconscious process. There is no need to attend consciously to the way you are breathing. We expect to breathe quite adequately while sleeping each night, as we do during our time awake. So why pay attention to our breath?

Our hearts beat continuously without any conscious effort, similarly we digest our food without actually doing anything about it. From moment to moment throughout our lives, there are thousands of vital processes occurring in our bodies, of which we are generally unaware and uninformed. This part of the workings of the body is driven by unconscious/ subconscious intelligence, so that our conscious awareness is freed for other pursuits. With the breath, there is a difference: breathing can be a completely unconscious process, but it can also become a conscious, intentional practice. This is a unique quality of the breath. You can consciously stop breathing for several moments if you want, and you can resume breathing deeply if you so choose to. All this is easily within your own conscious control.

So, what is Breath4Life™ Breath Work? It’s an exciting, dynamic, totally unique, cutting edge self-healing process, which deals with all levels of self, all levels of consciousness and all levels of energy, so healing occurs on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The methodology around Breath4Life™ Breath Work teaches us that there are 3 levels of consciousness and only 2 states of being.

  • The conscious mind. Which comprises of 10% of our mind’s capacity. Is our waking consciousness. Runs the 5 senses and gains data from them. It houses our personality, our ego and how we interreact with the outside world. It also holds our fight or flight response and is designed to survive.
  • The Subconscious Mind. Which comprises of 40% of our mind’s capacity. I like to think of it as a huge warehouse and it’s divided into 2 sections of 20%. One is for skills we have learnt (For example driving, work related skills, which are only brought out when we are doing them) The other 20% is where we store emotions, an emotion is simply 'energy in motion' ranging from the subtle to the intense; from apathetic to enraged, or simply from being content to absolute bliss. The on-going problem here is when we are not aware of them we suppress them into the subconscious minds. We can suppress just as much love, joy and happiness as trauma, suffering and pain. The Subconscious mind is our emotional mind and its job is to balance the levels of conscious.
  • The Superconscious Mind. Which comprises of 50% of our mind’s capacity. Is the spiritual mind, has been called our “Higher Self, authentic self, it connects us to the flow of life, our intuition (inner teacher) creativity, love, happiness, joy, bliss, soul, our unique divinity within and our connection to the universe.

There are only 2 states of being

  • Being Connected – which is being connected to your authentic self or higher self. Emotionally feeling “Glad”. Feeling happy, joyous, everything is going well, all relationships in harmony and balance. Financial abundance where money flows to you with ease. In alignment with spiritual vision for self. Creative, energized and making heart felt decisions with ease. There is no resistance to change and growth and your able to see the big picture.
  • Being Disconnected - which is being disconnected to your authentic self. It’s a suffering State. The Ego Self. Emotionally feeling “Mad”, “Sad”, “Scared”. Feeling sick and tired or OK – Overwhelmed and Knackered. Feeling “FINE” – fucked up, insecure, narcotic and emotional. Confused, Stressed, too much going on…and just not enough time to get everything done. Hanging on by your fingertips. Maybe asking yourself “Why is this happening to me again?”. Feeling emotional or physical pain. No flow in life.

What makes Breath4Life™ Breath Work so unique is the Practitioner leads you down into the subconscious at the beginning of a session, so you can easily access the clutter you have unwittingly stored there. Some of which maybe limiting beliefs, core conflicts or suppressions. However, it may also be magic memories of loved ones, reconnecting with love of self, joy, laughter and bliss, unfortunately we don’t know and that is why it’s so important to have a good guide who will take you there and support your process.

If this interests you, be in touch and claim a free clarity call with Pennie


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At Caterham Mind, Body and Soul fair I experinced a reflexology treatment with Pennie, I wanted to relax which was acheived I found the whole session very relaxed and felt chilled out. I would definately recommend this to anyone.

Alison Scott, Police Officer

Went to Pennie's talk at Guant's House holistic Fair on April 9th 2016. The moments of absolute lucidity around behaviours. the whole talk/experience was awesome. Postive and very life affirming. Can you please teach me some of what you know so that I can help others in a similar way?. Pennie's answer to that - is Yes I can- book a clarity call with me to find out more.

Micelle Christopher, Heart Felt Healing
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