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An Introduction to The Shaman's Tools

Duration: 1 Weekend

Venue: TBA

Prerequisites: None

Cost: £550.00

Next Course: TBA

We are really excited about this rare opportunity for you to meet and work with two wonderful Peruvian Shaman. Shaman Javier Arevalo Shahuano and Shaman Jessica Ramirez Seopa who will be combining their talents with Pennie Quaile-Pearce, Luke Pearce and Alessandra Pusceddu for this exciting weekend which will introduce you to Shamanic tools and Energetics and how energetics and shamanic tools complement and enhance each other.

This weekend is an introduction to shamanic ways of dealing with day to day life. Investigating the Shaman’s mind set, how to gain insights into their unique way of dealing with issues, stressors and problem solving. The shaman’s consciousness will lead you down a similar, but unique perspective on what causes dis-ease and ways of dealing with pathology, but also insights into shamanic preventative medicine.

The shaman’s viewpoint on illness is that illness is nothing but dis-ease i.e.; - an imbalance on the subtle energies of the body and spirit. So his/her entire life is directed towards good harmonic balance between this forces and he/she achieves that with anything form positive thinking, deep contact with nature natural eating and meditation.   

If you attend this prepared to be amazed.

What you will experience over the weekend includes

  • Healing sounds
  • Energy exercises
  • Meditation
  • Creative visualisations
  • Singing
  • Movement
  • Deep connection to nature
  • A flower bath
  • Natural Eating
  • Make you own truth stick
  • Leaning of the icaros

The Cost £550 include all food, shared accommodation, tuition and materials. However if you would like to save on cost there is also a camping option of £490 which includes all food, tuition and materials.

Early bird discount of £450 if paid in full by 30th June 2014

A certificate of attendance will be awarded on completion

Date Friday 18th July 2014 - Sunday 20th July 2014. 




I must admit I wasn't expecting this! The breathing was simple to do, but the journey was incredible. The build up of energy inside me seemed to flush out all doubt, all limits and all misconceptions of who I truly am. I can't begin to describe the joy and peace I feel now. I have never felt like this before, so I'm really glad I made the effort to come today. A huge thank-you and I would drag all my friends and family along next time.

Marcus Field, IT programer

Residential Reiki Weekends are definitely the way to learn Reiki, If you get the chance to train with Acorn to Oak… I highly recommend you take it

Maria Langford, Teacher
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