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What is a Flower bath

Note: Flower Baths are an experience which is part of the Shamans Tools course. 

A bath with macerated Amazonian plants and essences mixed with fresh local flowers to truly connect with the magic of the plants and re-establish the lost connection with nature.

What you will experience on Introductary Course

One Flower Bath as above

What you will expereince on Level One

Three Flower Baths

One Flower Bath as above

One Flower Bath to make a deeper connection with self and your unique healing ability.

One Flower Bath to make a deep connection to the healing wisdom of the plant kingdom


Reiki Three Pathway's Spiritual Development was mind blowing, I was instantly hooked and the days didn't seem long enough to take it all in. Very excited and slightly overwhelmed at the content. Already recommend to a friend. The information regarding overouls,groupsouls and how we spiritually evolve made me so much sense. Could do with an extra day just for time for reflection and covering questions that have surfaced since!!! Wow!

Tracey Richardson, BA Cabin Crew

You know, Pennie, I had a sneaking feeling you were just reading me like a book, that everything you said was directed at me and me egotistical is that! I looked around the room while you were talking and everyone was so enthralled in what you were saying I never been to anything like this before and I'm certainly hooked now so I'll be back :0

Richard Green, IFA
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