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What is a Shacapa

Note: How to make a shacapa is taught as part of the Shamans Tools course

A shacapa is a rattle made of a very specific Amazonian leaf (from a plant called Carritzo) and it is used by the shaman to create music while singing the icaros and to direct and move around the energies during a shamanic healing  








I was lucky enough to secure an appointment to see Pennie at one of the low cost clinics... what an amazing and life changing experience. I didn't even notice the students and Pennie is such an awesome guide in what she does. I would and have gone on to attend many other trainings and workshops she leads and my life has changed because of it. Thanks again.

Spencer Keap, IFA

Everyone should know about Acorn to Oak and incredible training you guys do. From the moment I was greeted by you and Luke I knew I was in safe hands. It was like arriving home, but to a place I'd never been, if that makes any sense. A real incredible day. Thank-you both so very much.

Louise Jenkins, Massage Therapist
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