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What is Gaia

Note:What Gaia is, is taught as part of the Shamans Tools course

Gaia is a term used to represent Mother Earth as a living sentient spirit and not as a “thing” or “object” we live on. If we learn to tune in to her and become an integral part of this living spirit we can learn how to work and live in harmony with her and to use her incredible healing powers and force.


Six months ago I did a 12 week coaching program with Pennie around "Attracting your Soul Mate" in may ways it was full on with research and tasks to complete, but with Pennie help and encouragement I completed the training and Boy Oh Boy it has turned my life around and I met my special one with in 4 months of the training and could not be happier. I am over the moon and this training has taught me to see who i truly am. I highly recommend that if you are lonely and what to find that special person then sign up for coaching with Pennie you will not regret it... and get ready for love :0

Rebecca Pullman , Resturant Owner

Interested in learning more about Reiki so had a Reiki Taster Session at the Wellness Show at G Live in Guildford may 2015. I would highly recommend it to all, it's got me even more interested now. Thank - you Acorn to Oak

Lesley Backhurst, Carer
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