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August 2018

  • Are you running your life or is your life running you?

    Posted on Fri, 3 August 2018

    Do you increasingly feel at the mercy of inner and outer conflicts that you believe are beyond your understanding or control? Whether you are aware of it or not, the various pressures imposed by your home and work environments take a daily toll on your physical and emotional well-being. When these are accompanied by low self-esteem, avoiding difficulties, or denial that there are any problems, the consequences can be very damaging to your relationships, to work, and, most importantly, to yourself. Your distress or discomfort may not just manifest itself in feelings of victimization and powerlessness, however unwanted habits and addictions are also a strong signal to yourself and others that all is not well. Taking control of your life means deciding that you are going to be the "driver" and not simply a "passenger," and taking full...Read More
  • Meeting my Twin Flame and a Life Happy Ever After

    Posted on Wed, 1 August 2018

    In 2006 I had the experience of meeting my Twin Flame (Close Soul Mate) nothing that I have read or thought I understood prepared me for this meeting. I have to acknowledge that I had a somewhat romantic view on this event and had imagined a much different experience. I met this man whilst teaching a workshop and realised that there was a big connection between us, however I usually feel a big connection to all the participants and to be honest this actually felt no different than that.

    As part of the follow up of this particular workshop I decided that I would hold a group support evening once a month. Four weeks later just before leaving on holiday I held the first group and this man, and another colleague were the only ones to attend. It was a very relaxed evening working through some of the post workshop assignments and chatting about...Read More

July 2018

  • Meeting Your Soulmate IQ Test

    Posted on Tue, 31 July 2018

    Answer Yes, No or Not Sure for each question:

    • Do you believe a soulmate is out there for you?
    • Are you ready to meet your soulmate today?
    • Are you ready, willing and able to make room in your life for a committed relationship that takes daily work to grow and sustain?
    • If your soulmate had the ability to observe your life right now, would you be proud of what he or she would see?
    • Are you psychologically and physically in your best condition to meet your soulmate?
    • Have you made a list of the ten top qualities you wish your soulmate to have?
    • Do you regularly exhibit the qualities you believe your soulmate would find attractive?
    • Do you want to attract a spiritual companion or someone who will save you from loneliness?
    • Are there past lovers who still have their energetic hooks in you, or are yours still in them?
    • Are you at peace with the possibility you may never meet your soulmate? (Do you truly...Read More
  • Life is an unceasingly creative process

    Posted on Mon, 30 July 2018

    I often hear people talk about or bemoan the fact they are uncreative, they are unaware that we are all creating our very lives in every moment of every day. Most of us are living as though life were happening to us rather than through us. We are not present to the fact that we are constantly generating our lives, as though they were great works of art. The tools we are given which to create, are our thoughts, beliefs, assumptions actions, decisions and words.

    When we would like to create something that we do not yet possess, we stand inside of fear, rather than come from a place of possibility. Instead of owning our readiness to expand into love, we are contracted and anxious. Even the idea of moving into a consciousness of possibility can feel scary. We don’t want to be disappointed. Were afraid that if we ask for what we would like to experience, we may be...Read More

  • Neediness, What you would like and how to have what you want.

    Posted on Sun, 29 July 2018

    I understand that many of us carrying around unhealed wounds from the past that occur in the present as neediness. We feel as though we have to hide our needs, fearing that they will engulf anyone who gets too close. Yet in our effort not to appear inappropriately needy, many of us have tried to shut down our needs entirely. The appropriate needs get thrown together with inappropriate ones and we swallow them all. Yet this, in turn only creates more hunger because it’s simply not normal for us to not have needs in our relationships with others. When we try to pretend that our needs don’t exist or treat them as though they were pathological we only feed the hunger in our heart that more intensely.

    Human beings are not meant to live in isolation. We are here to have relationships. Nothing much gets accomplished in life...Read More


I have benefited so much from being part of the six-month women's breathwork group. We have all supported each other on our individual journeys and it has been uncanny how often other people's stories and experiences have resonated with me. The breathwork sessions have seen us all make amazing breakthroughs while Pennie and Jill hold the space and dispense pearls of wisdom.

Beverley Glick, Human Potential Coach

Pennie's Talk was very enjoyable and she explained things really well I would like to hear her talk again.

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