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Advanced Energy Techniques

Cost: £600.00

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Reiki Level 3 - Advanced Energy Techniques

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Why choose this course?

The Advanced Energy Techniques weekend is a residential course, which takes you up the Tor at Glastonbury for your first Reiki Master attunement, We visit the Abbey for energy sensing practice, then on to the Chalice Wells gardens for further energy work. We then spend the evening "Walking with the Ancients" with Special Access into the centre of the stone circle at Stonehenge for your second Reiki Master Attunement. This is the first part of The Reiki Master Training, which introduces you to high vibrational energy tools to help you live your daily life. This weekend is exciting and life changing in many ways. It enables you to focus 100% on your experience with Reiki Master energy.

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Who is this course for?

Reiki Master Students

What we will teach you and What you will experience

  • Have experience of setting up a Reiki Classroom on a material and energetic level
  • Gain understanding of different emotional energies
  • Have an experience of sensing different emotional energy and its vibration
  • Have an experience of managing a group on an energetic level
  • Gain an understanding of advanced energy techniques: Cloaking, Slipstreaming, Astral Projection and travel
  • Start to consider how to use advanced energy techniques and daily life
  • Develop a plan of how to practise these skills
  • Emotional energies and their vibration
  • Theory and practice of Astral Travel, Cloaking, Slipstreaming and Astral Projection
  • How to edit Akashic records
  • Effective dialogues with your Higher Self and beyond
  • Writing and leading Creative Visualisations
  • Two Reiki Master Attunements - one in the centre of the stone circle at Stonehenge and one in Chalice Well's garden in Glastonbury


This was one of the most exciting and mind blowing experiences of my life so far. The awesome way the facilitating team work. The flow of one amazing experience after another. The selflessness of it all was a great example of how a true team work together to produce excellence. Going into the center of the stones at Stonehenge was a life long dream come true. So all in all it was fantastic.

Debbie Hughes, Herbal Therapist

Just one word for this EPIC weekend

Matthew Donnachie, Builder
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