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Psychic Development

Duration: Weekend

Venue: TBA


Cost: £300.00

Next Course: TBA

Why choose this course?

This weekend is available for any current certificated Reiki Master or for any student on their Reiki Master training pathway who wish to develop and experience the use of their Psychic skills. It will enhance your psychic awareness and you will discover skills that you didn't know you had! Experience and explore how these techniques will improve your Reiki practice and your daily life. This weekend is an exciting and fun filled opportunity to discover your psychic abilities in a safe environment. The group is kept small so that there is plenty of opportunity to get personal guidance.

Who is this course for?

This weekend is for Reiki Masters and Reiki Master students who are interested in developing and having an experience of using their Psychic skills.

What we will teach you and What you will experience

  • What are Psychic Skills? How to access and use them
  • The differences between Psychic and Spiritual Development
  • The relationship between Psychic and Spiritual Skills
  • Experience and recognise your own Psychic skills
  • How to develop personal Psychic skills
  • Spiritual Laws in relationship to developing Psychic skills
  • How to use Psychic skills in practice
  • Develop a plan on how to enhance your Psychic skills
  • Revision of knowledge about Chakras and using them to assist in Psychic exercises
  • First Exercise: Psychometric Reading from an Object
    • staged interaction, with coaching through each stage
  • Second Exercise: Telepathic reading
  • Third Exercise: Using Psychic skills, tune into people’s emotional state and body language.
  • Spiritual Laws in relation to using Psychic Skills:
    • The Law of Balance and Polarity
    • The Law of Affirmation
    • The Law of Discrimination
    • The Law of Challenge
  • There may be an opportunity to observe a Spiritual Attunement using Psychic awareness.


Great weekend of discovery and experiences. I can't believe how much is packed in and the mouth dropping insights and discoveries within self. I had no idea that we can all tune in at that depth and clarity, amazed.

Norm , BA

What an amazing experience, learning and wow factor, just didn't think that I'd be able to pick up such detailed stuff and grow so much confidence in my own ability. Thanks Pennie

Matthew Donnachie, Builder
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