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Advanced Healing Techniques

Duration: Weekend

Venue: TBA


Cost: £300.00

Next Course: TBA

Why choose this course?

This weekend is available for any current certificated Reiki Master or for any student on their Reiki Master training pathway.

The course will extend your energetic skills and knowledge base in experiencing and dealing with gross pathology and disease processes. You will experience using a variety of treatment options which will increase the choice available for the practitioner and client. These skills are a must for any serious Reiki Practitioner.

Who is this course for?

This weekend is for anyone interested in developing their hands on Reiki skills and for anyone wishing to experience and feel the different vibrations surrounding illness, pathology and dis-ease.

What we will teach you and What you will experience

  • Be able to describe The Energetic Model of Health© and how you can use it to support your practice
  • Be able to describe how samscaras are laid down in the energy field
  • Be able to describe how disease moves through the energy field to manifest in the physical body
  • Be able to describe Herring's Law of Cure
  • Be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of a blocked chakra (physical and non physical) and meridian
  • Have an experience of clearing a blocked chakra and meridian
  • Be able to recognise when your Hara Line is out of alignment
  • Have an experience of re-aligning your Hara Line
  • Be able to recognise when your client's Hara Line is out of alignment
  • Have an experience of clearing, repairing and energising a malfunctioning Hara
  • Have an experience of using a pendulum as an assessment tool
  • Be able to discuss the importance of a daily energetic hygiene routine
  • Develop a realistic plan to bring your energetic hygiene routine in line with the optimum
  • Review the Energetic Models of Health©, Disease© and Cure©
  • How to recognise general abnormalities within the energy field, including chakras, meridians and the Hara Line
  • The use of crystals to boost Reiki energy
  • The use of different colours with Reiki energy
  • Using a pendulum as an assessment tool
  • Energetic hygiene routine
  • The different energies of disease processes
  • Cancer energy
  • Diabetic energy
  • Depressive / suicidal energy
  • Epileptic energy
  • Asthmatic energy
  • IBS energy
  • MI energy
  • Review relevant Spiritual laws: Balance and Polarity, Responsibility, Affirmation, Discrimination, Challenge


Felt happy with the course, a lot of information to take on board. To learn how to pick up on different pathologies was awesome and I really enjoyed when I picked up things correctly. Got a good starting block to improve upon.

Lorraine Bonner, Carer
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